2A Architectural Students and Young Architects Competition


550 participants from 90 universities around the world had registered.

Projects Category A: Supra_global_culture – large-scale visions

First prize
Ming Tang (USA) disqualified

Second prize
Benjamin John Reynolds (Australia)

Third prize
Richard John Saunders (UK)
Ahmed Sherif (UAE)

Special mention
Reem Al-Rawi

Category B: Micro-ethnic-localities – small-scale interventions

First prize
Budoor Muhammad Bukhari (UAE)

Second prize
Sergio Garces Marques (Portugal)
Lisa Sauve (USA)

Special mentions
Ariel Noyman / Yaniv Lenman
Hannah Allawi


The competition aims to carry out new visions and proposals for Dubai and is an opportunity to focus on issues that are currently emerging given the unprecedented developments in the city.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Complex, Public, Urban
Country Dubai, United Arab Emirates
RegDeadline 1 September 2008 1 October 2008 GoogleCal iCal
10 January 2009 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility All aged 40 years old or less

Dubai is a city that has become the center of discussion and discourse across the globe as the post 20th century city and urban model. The international architectural / urban competition, Du(b)ailities: Supra_global_culture / micro_ethnic_localities, aims at intensifying and enriching this exchange to participate and present visions, concepts and proposals for Dubai. By doing this, the city and its inhabitants will have the chance to participate and discuss ideas about their city and benefit from the presented proposals.

Two categories are set for competitors to select:
- Supra global culture: large-scale visions
With an anticipated growth of 8% over the next six years, a population which will reach 2 million inhabitants and with 10 million tourists per year by 2010, Dubai’s unique growth calls for large-scale urban visions with specific urban, social and architectural attributes going beyond the ongoing delivery of projects.
- Micro ethnic localities: small-scale interventions
It is seeking the design of Points of Exchange as proposals to create a living record of Dubai, trace its contemporary memory and participate in its future history. Outline of activities envisaged in the Info Points of Exchange are: Points of Exchange – multiple recording studios (100 sq.m.), Interactive wall – external space / billboard for audio and video transmission (vertical area of 20-80 sq. m.), Indoors lounge area (80 sq.m.), Outdoors lounge area (defined by the competitor), Broadcasting studios (45 sq.m.), Press area (30 sq.m.), Storeroom, Toilet facilities.

Prof. George Katodrytis (RIBA, Chair of the Jury, School of Architecture & Design, American University of Sharjah)
Prof. Mona El-Mousfy (School of Architecture & Design, American University of Sharjah)
Prof. Michael Schwarz (Architecture Dept, Ajman University of Science and Technology)
Rashad Mohammed Bukhash (Dubai Municipality)
Khalid Al Najjar (DXB LAB, Dubai)
Prof. Frederic Levrat (Columbia University)
Donald Bates of (Architecture Lab, Melbourne)
Prof. Thomas Leeser (Leeser Architecture and Columbia University, New York)
Brian Johnson, RIBA (Godwin Austen Jonson, Dubai)
Dr. Nouchinne Nini Lavassani (Professor of Art and Architectural History, LACCD
(Los Angeles community college District))
Ahmad Zohadi (Head of organizing committee)

First prize for Category A: 20,000AED
Second prize for Category A: 15,000AED
Third prize for Category A: 10,000AED

First prize for Category B: 20,000AED
Second prize for Category B: 15,000AED
Third prize for Category B: 10,000AED

Additionally, 2A Magazine will compensate 6,000 AED for the expenses for the leader of each of the winner for each Category to attend the prize ceremony in Dubai.

Entry Fee

A3 panels (up to 6, pdf format)

Announcement of winners: 1 March 2009
Awards ceremony, exhibition and publication of projects: dates to be announced

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