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Asian architecture magazin is pleased to announce the first annual Architecture Award.

Category Award / Competition Result
Type Asia, Award, Open, Two-Stage
Genre Architecture
Country Istanbul
RegDeadline 15 July 2015 GoogleCal iCal
15 July 2015 (via Online)
Eligibility All
Target Field The Project should have been built in one of the Asian countries. The project completion date should be after 2001.

Historically, Asia’s architecture has tended to be heterogeneous; each civilization – from the Persians to the Chinese, the Indians to the Ottomans – has contributed to the creation of an architectural cartography that established the spatial organization of cities such as Istanbul, Isfahan, Samarkand, Calcutta, Beijing, and Tokyo, and immensely influenced the architectural traditions of the European, African, and American continents. Consequently, Eastern contributions to Western culture and architecture deserve significant scholarly investigation.
Nineteenth and the twentieth century modernism (as evidenced by the modern movement in architecture in the West) dominated the landscapes and cityscapes in Asia, with largely unpleasant results.
With the vast urbanization that has taken place in the later part of the twentieth century, the number of megalopolises that have emerged marks a dominant trend around the world. By the end of the twenty-first century, Asia will have the largest number of megalopolises.
Recently, architectural traditions and cultures on the continent of Asia have started to stray from modernism. Architects in Asia are now offering alternatives relevant to their specific geographies and cultures.
2A Asia Architecture Award (2AAA) is a critical effort to recognize and acknowledge Asian architects who have engaged in creating and designing buildings and cities in Asia originating from their specific geographical localities and possess specific quality and characteristics attributable to their local origins. Organized by 2A magazine, the award is an attempt to offer long overdue recognition to a whole new class of Asian architects.

The following criteria will be considered to recognize and honor a built project in Asia that has produced significant contributions to humanity and built environment.
- Design Achievement.
- Technical advancement, includes engineering achievements (structural, mechanical, ...) and innovative use of materials.
- Reflection of sense of place, of ecology and environmental sustainability, and of cultural identity.
- Social responsibility and community and urban connectivity.
- The effects of economical condition on the project.

▪ Sinan Mert Sener (Turkey) PhD, Architect, Faculty Dean at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Architecture
▪ Seung H-Sang (South Korea) Architect, Founder of IROJE Architects & Planners
▪ Bahram Shirdel (Iran) Architect, Director of Shirdel & Associates Architects and urban planners
▪ Romi Khosla (India) Architect, Founder of Romi Kholsa Design Studio, Principle Consultant to UNDP, UNESCO and UNOPS
▪ Yavuz Selim Sepin (Turkey) Architect, Researcher, Professor of Yildiz Technical University, Maltepe University & Okan University

- The top two winners in each category will receive gold and silver medals, respectively.
- The rest of the selected contestants will receive certificates of recognition and memorial plaques.
- All the participants’ projects will be published in a special edition of 2A Magazine and extra pages will be allocated to the winners’ projects.
More details about 2015 Award will follow shortly.

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