Idea for Action Kaohsiung

In order to ensure a greater diversity of possibilities in urban development strategy adopted in Kaohsiung, this competition is open to young people from all over the world.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Age Restriction , Three-Stage , Onymous
Genre Urban
Country Kaohsiung, Taiwan
RegDeadline 15 July 2009 GoogleCal iCal
15 July 2009 (via Online)
Eligibility Anyone born after 1970

Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan. Its excellent geographical position and natural harbor have given the city a pivotal role as a base for such traditional industries as heavy chemicals, manufacturing and harbor operations since the middle of the twentieth century. As a result, Kaohsiung has made an invaluable contribution to national economic development. However, since the 1990’s the rise of globalization and sustainable development has led to a gradual shift in national industrial policy in favor of more high tech enterprises. Against this backdrop, many of the public enterprises in Kaohsiung city have left behind land that has been either heavily polluted or under used, creating an urban space problem in urgent need of resolution. In 2000, Kaohsiung reached a crucial stage in its transformation by deciding to position itself as Taiwan’s “Maritime Capital.” This new approach has involved restoring the urban environment, including a renewed focus on existing natural resources (mountains, sea, rivers, harbor etc.) and rural space. Such an extensive program has also required the acceleration of major urban infrastructure projects, including river management, green open spaces, sewers, the MRT system, placing railway lines underground and the building of a stadium for the 2009 World Games. In 2007, the city government’s new administrative policy was designated “Citizen Participation, Happy Kaohsiung”. This has utilized multi faceted public services and environmental reengineering to not only greatly enhance local residents’ sense of identity but to also use the experience of Kaohsiung in urban transformation as a template for other cities.

Lin Chin-jung (ROC, Associate professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chiaotung University)
Lin Sheng-feng (ROC, Associate professor, Architecture Department, Shin Chien University)
Fan Hsun-lu (ROC, Consultant, Kaohsiung city government)
Chang Kuei-lin (ROC, Director General, Department of Urban and Residential Development, Council for Economic Planning and Development)
Lu Wei-ping (ROC, Director, Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung city government)
Marek Bryx (Poland, Professor, Warsaw School of Economics)
Eric Corijn (Belguim, Professor, Society and Cultural Geography, Free University of Brussels)
Abel Enguita (Spain, Professor, Urban and Regional Design, Madrid School of Architecture)
Frank Schnidman (United States, Professor, Florida Atlantic University)

Outstanding Work (3): US$10,000, a certificate and a copy of the competition catalogue
Excellent Work (15): US$5,000, a certificate and a copy of the competition catalogue
60 nominees for stage 1: a certificate and a copy of the competition catalogue

Entry Fee

Power Point 20 pages or Animation or Film (maximum of 30 seconds)

Stage 1 – announcement of jury panel decision: 2009/8/3
Submission of works from nominees of Stage 1: 2009/8/25
Stage 2 - announcement of jury panel decision: 2009/9/3
Stage 3 – Online video conferencing test: 2009/10/2
Stage 3 – video conferencing evaluation: 2009/10/3
Stage 3 - announcement of jury panel decision: 2009/10/6

Urban development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government and International Urban Development Association (INTA)

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