Ancient Tree Civilization and Residence Future International Architectural Design Competition

Designers shall focus on the design principle, design method and technical route of ecological architecture, and fully consider the specific ecological and cultural environment of this Ancient Trees Garden.

Category Idea Competition
Type International, Idea, Architect, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Architecture, Environment, Hotel, Landscape
Country Huizhou, China
RegDeadline 12 April 2021 GoogleCal iCal
12 April 2021 (via Online)
Eligibility There is no limitation on quantity of members for each group, but the group leader shall be a professional architect whose company information must be filled out.

The site is located at Kaisen Thousand Year Ancient Trees Garden in Pingan Village, Baitang Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The total area is about 26.27ha. It is on the northwestern hillside of Guangdong Xiangtoushan National Nature Reserve and is embraced by numerous hills and mountains as well as ancient trees.
The project is located in the 1.5 hour economic circle of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China. It is merely 3 kilometers away from the Pingan Highway Exit of G0422 Xinbo Highway. The transportation is convenient.
The Kaisen Thousand Year Ancient Trees Garden is embraced by numerous ancient trees including over two hundred precious famous trees of the saved Ficus religiosa and Lagerstroemia speciose and Bischofia javanica, with diameter at breast height of 1~2 meters and even more than 3 meters. "Home in ancient trees, protection for thousand years." The Ancient Trees Garden is creating a natural gravitational field of physical things, information and energy, and aims at protecting ancient trees and famous trees for its longevity and cultural inheritance. It protects a living fossil of civilization, explores the coexistence between humans' return and ecology, establishes the research on ancient trees' culture and art, and puts the sustainable ancient trees industry into practice.

Azlina BULMER:Director of InternationalRoyal Institute of British Architects
MENG Jianmin:Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Benedetta Tagliabue:Jury of Pritzker Prize / Co-founder of EMBT / 2013 RIBA Jenckes Award
Ryue Nishizawa:2010 Pritzker Prize winner/ Co- Founder of SANAA
Chien Chung PEI:Founding Partner of PEI Architects
Thomas Heatherwick:Founder of Heatherwick Studio
Roberto BANNURA:Partner of Steven Holl Architects
Steven SMIT:Director of MVRDV Asia
TANG Yibin:Design Director of Kaisen Holding Group

First Prize (Champion) 1 winner:
1.5 million RMB (pre-tax) + RIBA Trophy + RIBA Certificate of Honor
Second Prize (Top 6) 5 winners:
200,000 RMB each (pre-tax) + RIBA Trophy + RIBA Certificate of Honor
Top 30 24 winners:
RIBA Trophy + RIBA Certificate of Top 30 Honor + Work Publication
Top 100:
RIBA Certificate of Top 100 Honor + Work Publication

Entry Fee

2021/04/20 Release of Top 100
2021/04/20 Release of Top 30
2021/04/30 Release of Top 6
2021/06/11 Release of Top 3 and the Champion

Kaisen Holding Group, RIBA, Young Bird Plan

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