International Award for Architecture Diploma

We invite Diploma projects to work on relevant themes such as the digital revolution, environmental awareness, multi-disciplinary demands, the role of information management, innovation and globalization.

Category Award / Open to Students
Type International Architecture Award
Genre Degree-Project
Country Spain
RegDeadline 30 Oct 2007 GoogleCal iCal
30 Oct 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All
Target Field Any Final Year/ Diploma project presented during the academic years 2006 and 2007 at a School of Architecture that is officially recognized in the country of origin is eligible for submission.

The aim of these awards is to encourage architecture students to research and reflect on new patterns and approaches within the current cultural context.
Given the current situation of architecture it seems necessary to redefine some of our profession’s traditional ways of thinking. We should take a fresh approach, research and integrate knowledge and strategies. These might be found nowadays in other disciplines or environments. It is necessary to explore the full potential that new possibilities can offer.
It is clear that there are rapid changes taking place in new tools, technologies, processes and products. This is also the case with social and client awareness, legal requirements and regulations. Shifts in responsibility are occurring within the construction industry. Logically architects are refocusing their attention and looking for sources of inspiration in places unexplored until now.
The awards intend to acknowledge those Final Year / Diploma projects that generate new ideas, methods or awareness aiming to provide architectural solutions, improved methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to face the near future. A very open minded approach has been taken. The intention is to raise our awareness about the issues of tomorrow.

Dr. Iñaki Abalos (Architect, Professor Madrid School of Architecture)
Cesar Azcarate (Architect, Partner ACXT)
Thomas Krens (Director Solomon R, Guggenheim Foundation)
Dr. Jesus Llamazares (Architect. Partner ACXT)
Dr. Javier Quintana (Director Rafael Escolá Foundation, Head of R&D)
Jesus Susperregui (Architect, Partner ACXT)
Antonio Villanueva (Industrial engineer, Director of the Sustainability Department of IDOM)
Anatxu Zabalbeascoa (Historian and Journalist)

Competition Type
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

The jury will grant three prizes, one in each of the three areas.
Three prizes of 5,000 euros each will be awarded together with a certificate. In addition winners will be eligible for an internship at an ACXT-IDOM studio.

Entry Fee

A3 (a maximum of 5 boards) and a CD of the proposal in PDF format
A Video (avi or wmw format, maximum 5 minutes) is also permitted as an alternative or in addition to the panels.

The results will be published within two months of the submission deadline.
All works presented and the jury minutes will be published on the ACXT web site

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