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Cape Town, South Africa, June 3, 2008 - Architecture for Humanity and AMD are proud to announce the winners of the 2007 AMD Open Architecture Challenge: Digital Inclusion, a global competition to develop technology facilities for communities in need, from the 50x15 Africa Partner Summit in Cape Town, South Africa. The competition received 566 registered entries from 57 countries. The winners, including one overall competition winner and two regional site winners, were determined by an international review board of jurors comprised of architects, technologists, and community members. The overall competition winner and Africa challenge site winner is The Global Studio of Seattle, WA, USA, for its design of a technology media lab and recording studio for SIDAREC, located in an informal settlement of Nairobi, Kenya. With the construction of this media lab, Lucy Mathai and George Onyango, both founders of SIDAREC, hope their community will become "the next Silicon Valley."

Open Architecture Challenge Winners and Finalists:


1. The Global Studio, Seattle, WA
2. Duvivier Architects, Venice, CA
3. KBAS, Philadelphia, PA
4. Yu and Yang of ARki, Taipei, Taiwan
4. Daniel Roberts and Tracy Autenrieth, Ball State University, Valparaiso, IN, USA

Honorable Mentions
Milinda Pathiraja, Kandy, Sri Lanka and Ganga Ratnayake, Melbourne, Australia
Joao Pedro Torres, Universidade Federal de Minas, Gerais, Brazil
Kojima Laboratory, Tokyo Science University, Chiba, Japan
ARCHIsquad, Zagreb, Croatia
Joseph Sarkodie, Sheffield, UK
Moxon Architects, London, UK


1. Max Fordham LLP & Nick Lawrence, London, UK
2. Emre Can Yilmaz, Istanbul, Turkey
3. Studio Wikitecture, Second Life
Founders Award Studio Wikitecture, Second Life
4. MasA, Sevilla, Spain
4. Boulder Associates, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Honorable Mentions
Kilian Mattitsch and Walter Kräutler, Architekturkonsulat, Vienna, Austria
Souman Barua, Tim Green and Robert Rickey, with Graham Hill and Indy Sohel, Crediton, Devon, UK
Birinchi Kumar Roy, New Delhi, India and Sanjit Roy, Baltimore, MD, USA
Luke Perry, Matthew Bitterman and Nicolette Mastrangelo, Berkeley, CA, USA
RZS, Zach Olczak, Rob Bratton, Memphis, TN, USA

South America:

1. Igor Taslkov, Nis, Serbia and Heather Worrell, Chun Sheh Teo, Indianapois, IN
2. zerOgroup [Laurent Troost], Manaos, Brazil
3. HdIT Collaborative, Seattle WA
4. Guido Silvestri with Leonardo Zaffi and nuvolaB architetti associati, Florence, Italy
5. Team Chocologia, Washington University in Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO, USA

Honorable Mentions
Jason Bentley, Eric Ellis and Shawn Button, DTJ Design, Boulder, CO, USA with Roman Fry, Rayatheon, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Veronica Reed and Tannya Pico, Studio de Diseño Sostenible, Quito, Ecuador
Hee-Yun Kim, Mark Mangapora and Jason Roberts, New York, NY
Janak Alford & Jacqueline Che, Ottawa, Canada
Tatsuya Iwata and Sung-Joon Kim, Chicago, IL

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To design a sustainable multi-purpose technology facility for under-served communities.

Category Project Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Project Competition
Genre Factory, Library, Medical-Facility
Country Ecuador / Kenya / Nepal
RegDeadline Early: 15 Nov 2007 / Late: 15 Jan 2008 GoogleCal iCal
15 January 2008 (via Website)
Eligibility All

Each year the Open Architecture Challenge harnesses the creativity and energy of the design community to address a different systemic issue facing those living in underserved communities. The Open Architecture Challenge is an international design competition that reaches beyond the traditional bounds of architecture by challenging architects, designers and others to improve the living conditions of those living on less than $2 a day.

This year's inaugural challenge is sponsored by AMD through 50x15 Initiative. 50x15 is a global initiative founded by AMD to enable affordable Internet access and computing capability for 50 percent of the world's population by the year 2015. The challenge will focus on the design and construction of technology centers that will help a broad cross-section of a community realize greater educational, social and business opportunities via the Internet.

The winning solution of the AMD Open Architecture Challenge will be built under the 50x15 Initiative Learning Lab program; 50x15 Learning Labs are technology-based projects used to gain knowledge on how best to foster digital inclusion in a specific region. The winning design for one site will be constructed with generous support from AMD and used as a flagship model of successful design for the construction of digital inclusion structures. Additional facilities will be constructed for the other two sites and replicated for additional community partners as funding becomes available. Ideas alone cannot create real social and economic change and we believe by building sustainable and replicable solutions we can truly make a difference.

South America Challenge:
Connect a cooperative of indigenous chocolate producers and artisans in the Ecuadorian Amazon with the global marketplace by building a chocolate factory and fair trade exchange and off-site satellite technology hubs.

Africa Challenge:
Empower the youth of Mukuru Kwa Njenga, an informal slum settlement of 250,000, to connect with other youth and create positive change in their community by building a technology media lab and library.

Asia Challenge:
Enable families in a remote rural area of Nepal where there is only one doctor for a population of 250,000 to access healthcare from top physicians and medical professionals all over the world by building a tele-medicine center.

There will be approximately 7 jury members per site that will review all of the entries. These will include the client and members of the community as well as leaders from an array of professions. The final jury will be announced in the coming weeks.

Competition Type
Two-Stage, Anonymous Competition

Proceeds of the competition entry fees will be awarded to the top entry for each site.
The winning design team will have the opportunity to work on site directly with the community partner and Architecture for Humanity to build their design.

Entry Fee
$25 per site before 12/15/2007;
$30 after 12/16/2007;
$0 for entries from developing nations.

Digital Files (Project Description Text, Presentation Board, Drawings, etc)

Finalists for Each Site Announced: March 25, 2008
Winners Announced: April 2008

Architecture for Humanity & AMD

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Documenting the progress of Washington University's multidisciplinary team of students working to design a chocolate factory for Kallari as part of the Open Architecture Challenge.