10th Advanced Architecture Contest

We look to the model of Biocities, cities that follow the principles of ecological principles in order to promote life and biodiversity, to provide us with potential design solutions.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Architecture, Urban
Country Barcelona, Spain
RegDeadline 2 February 2024 GoogleCal iCal
2 February 2024 (via Online)
Eligibility Students and professionals

The 10th edition of the Advanced Architecture Contest, organized by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), invites architects, designers, and innovators to explore the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the built environment. This competition aims to inspire participants to envision novel applications of AI mixed with non-AI tools that can shape the future of architecture, urban planning, and design.
The design disciplines have undergone a remarkable evolution, shifting from using materials to data as the fundamental building blocks of architecture and cities. This evolution can be traced through the digital revolution experienced in the last three decades. The 90s marked the creation of the internet, connecting people and information globally. The 00s witnessed the development of major platforms, facilitating online interactions and services, while the 10s experienced the proliferation of apps and programs revolutionizing user experiences and access to information. As we enter this new decade, content creation takes center stage, with AI playing a significant role in generating, analyzing, and optimizing content across various domains.

See https://advancedarchitecturecontest.org/jury/

1st Prize: 3,000 € + Master at IAAC (value aprox 19.875,00 €)
2nd Prize: 2,000 € + Master at IAAC (value aprox 19.875,00 €)
3rd Prize: 1,000 € + Master at IAAC (value aprox 19.875,00 €)

Entry Fee

Announcement of results: February 26th, 2024.
Book Release: October 2024.
International Exhibition: June 2024.

Past winners

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