AIM- Architects in Mission 2012

This competition invites entrants to demonstrate how their proposal will deliver renewal and preservation to the villages of Shengsi’s fragile and pristine eastern islands.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage , Onymous
Genre Architecture, Urban
RegDeadline 17 August 2012 GoogleCal iCal
31 August 2012 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

Zhejiang Zhoushan Islands is the fourth national-level New Region following the Shanghai Pudong New Region. It is also the first major sea-based economy of the national-level new regions. Zhoushan Islands has a long established history, dating back 5000 years to the Neolithic Period, where early inhabitants began agriculture, fishing, and sea salt production.
Zhoushan Islands have three primary advantages: fishing industry, port, and tourism. It is China’s largest producer, processor, and distributor of seawater products. In 2010, it received 21,390,000 tourists.
The Shengsi Islands are located at the Northeast sector of Zhoushan Islands.
This year AIM invites entrants to demonstrate how their proposal will deliver renewal and preservation to the villages of Shengsi’s fragile and pristine eastern islands. Your design proposal will form a portion of the newly-developing tourism sector. It should present and communicate an attractive investment opportunity allowing for feasible implementation. [Profit is not the first condition of necessity]
AIM will focus on how you intend to address the following:
- Preserve and enhance the islands’ relaxed lifestyle culture and improve the living standards of the island inhabitants
- Promote tourism developments that will expand the employment opportunities of the villagers
- Offer a new cultural perspective which may inform the villagers’ renovations of their own holiday accommodations and communities
- Consider local building materials and methodologies for this new integrated development
- Increase environmental awareness and alter tourist perceptions
The winners of the competition will be the team or individual who best blend the islands indigenous culture (way of life and way of making a living) and tourism (i.e. eco tourism) in their designs.

Jutta Kehrer (Senior Associate and Landscape Director, AECOM)
Thomas Schroepfer (Professor, Architecture and Sustainable Design at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD))
Xu Zhangyan (Party Secretary of Shengsi County)
Zhang Baoquan (Executive Director of Today’s Museum and President of Antaeus Group)
Ilhan Zeybekoglu (President of Zeybekoglu and Associates)
Zheng Guangzhong (Professor, Tsinghua University and Chief Planner of Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute)

- Design awards: USD 16,000
- Scenic village planning award (Town planning scale): USD 5,000
- Architecture renovation award (Architectural scale): USD 5,000
- Sustainable development award (Renewable energy application, Resourcefulness): USD 3,000
- Innovative production award (Concept in chain of production overlapping in catching season and peak of vocation seasons, Concept of economic model): USD 3,000

Entry Fee

4 boards in A1 format, a maximum 500-words written report

Selecting winning entries: 1- 10 September 2012
Award ceremony: 28 September 2012

Past winners

Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates (ZNA)

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