ALPi - 2nd International Interior Designers Award

The competition subject is “Welcome in hotel”: it deals with the interior designing of a portion of an existing building, which is at present abandoned. This building will become a hotel: the competition deals with the transformation of ground level / entrance.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Hotel, Interior
Country Italy
RegDeadline 29 March 2010 GoogleCal iCal
29 March 2010 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Design Professionals and Students

AIPi has among its institutional tasks all those activities intended to emphasize, identify and better define the role of the Interior Designer.
Thanks to this competition, AIPi intends to focus on the cultural, technical and creative aspects of the Interior Designer's activity: a professional Interior Designer must be - in fact - capable to identify and solve in a creative way all those problems arising from the evaluation and project of interior areas.
An Interior Designer will provide project scheduling, space analysis, interior designing in its strict sense, aesthetical analysis, work in progress controls and supervision. Its instruments will include his know-how about technical aspects of implementation, building materials,, building best practices, legal aspects, tools, materials and furniture - in a broader sense.
An Interior Designer prepares all documents and drawings in order to best define and solve all project aspects. Among his goals, all improvements in quality of life will be at a premium, including health issues, safety, security and general welfare of users.
(These themes have been expressed in an international document, issued by I.F.I General Assembly in Hamburg, (May 1983) and has been fully reconfirmed by ECIA Assembly in 1992. AIPi is among the founders of ECIA).

a member of Politecnico di Milano
a member of Politecnico di Torino
a member of University of Venezia
a member of IFI board
a member of ECIA board
a member of ADI board
a member of ADAP board
AIPi's members (President and Project Leader)
members of specialized press
members of Sponsors
members of the entrepreneurial world

Category 1 :
1st Prize: an art work of a contemporary Italian artist and money prize € 4000,00
2nd Prize: Prize plate and money prize € 3000,00
3rd Prize: Prize plate and expense reimbursement € 2500,00

Category 2 :
1st Prize: € 2500,00 and prize plate
2nd Prize: € 2000,00 and prize plate
3rd Prize: € 1500,00 and prize plate

Entry Fee
25 euro for individual candidates enrolled in category 1
50 euro for groups enrolled in category 1
Individuals and groups in category 2 can participate free of charge

maximum 3 drawings, 50 x 70,
project description report, in A4 format, no longer than 3 pages

Submission Address
2° Concorso Internazionale per Interior Designer “Welcome in Hotel“ edizione 2009/2010 presso AIPi - via
Borgazzi 4 – 20122 Milano
Tel. +39/ 02/58310243

Jury will end its evaluation: April 11the, 2010
Prize ceremony in Milan: in May 2010

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