Art Complex, Pyeongchang-dong




Art Complex aims to contribute to the development of local community, maturity of cultural environment and communication between artistic activities by formation of a complex cultural space for combination of enjoyment of culture, research & development and learning with use of abundant local historical infrastructure and the art archive as the medium.

Category Competition Result / Project Competition
Type International, Project, Architect, Two-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Complex, Culture-Centre
Country Korea
Registration Deadline 25 January 2017 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 1 February 2017 GoogleCal
Eligibility At least one member must have a Korean or international architect license.

The main purpose of the design is to create a platform to embrace the abundant natural, historical, artistic and material resources which, in return, facilitates research, learning, creation and enjoyment. It aims to be a creative knowledge think-lab, at which the art archive is collected and conserved, and citizens, artists, academic researchers, intermediary activists (curator, educator, critic, producer, etc.) and young children are provided opportunities to learn, research and perform, either officially or unofficially, and come up with living ideas. The base structure underlying the operation of Art Complex consists of public art network among citizens, communities and the cultural ecosystem, as well as eager participation of the local residents is essential to let it breathe. This new facility, furthermore, will link the neighboring green area - Bukhansan Mt., Bugaksan Mt. and upper Hongjecheon stream - and provide citizens and the local residents rest and recharge. Art Complex will become a cultural space that fulfills the demands of citizens and experts with its locational condition, human resources and physical features and a community space that local residents can participate in and a complex to nurture the qualitative capability of the art and culture scene in Korea. It is expected to spread out the value of art and greaten the opportunities for cultural activities for citizens.

Bongryeol Kim, The president of Korea National Univeristy of Arts(KNUA)
Jongkyu Kim, Current professor in Korea National University of Arts
Kilyong Park, Professor Emeritus, Kookmin University
Euijung Woo, a principal architect of METAA Architects"Associates
Gwanjik Lee, President, BSD Architects
Hongnam Kim, Professor Emeritus, Ewha Womans University
Honghee Kim, Director, Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)
Donghyun Kim, Professor, Sejong University (Preparatory Jury)

1st Prize: the design contract
2nd Prize: 30,080,000 KRW
3rd Prize: 22,560,000 KRW
4th Prize: 15,040,000 KRW
5th Prize: 7,520,000 KRW

Entry Fee

Technical Review: 2017-02-07
Design Review (1st): 2017-02-10
Second Evaluation: 2017-02-17
Winner announcement: 2017-02-20

Seoul Metropolitan Government

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