New York 2007


1st. place: Julien Rousseau, Luca Battaglia, Ulisse Gnesdo (France - Italy)

2nd. place: Zemien Lee, Johnny Lim (Korea)

3rd. place: Boris Lamboley, Cedric DavidRogeat, Michael Maes (France - Belgium)


New monument to the urban, cosmopolitan and "universal" character of New York City

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Idea Competition
Genre Museum
Country United States
Registration Deadline 31 July 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 31 July 2007
Eligibility Architects from anywhere in the world

This architectural competition is being promoted by ARQUITECTUM to evaluate proposals for the construction of a new monument to the urban, cosmopolitan and "universal" character of New York City. To that end, this project, a 100 meter tall tower, will house a museum which will display the belongings, memories and photos of the new generation of immigrants which - from the 1960s onwards - headed for a city they saw as the paradigm of the American Dream. This museum tower - to be located at the tip of the island on a pier over Battery Park - will not only become an architectural landmark, but also serve as a space dedicated to the celebration of the new urban dynamic of global multiculturalism and interracial relations in the 21st century.

Not yet announced

Travel to New York for Exhibition and Publication

Entry Fee
US $100 (early), $150 (late)

Single 1MB digital image (via Internet)

Announcement of winning project: 1 Sep 2007


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