Arteingenua Prize 2008

The theme that the ARTEINGENUA prize 2008 proposes is: IMPACT – ART place + relationships

Category Other Competition / Open to Students
Type International Art Award
Genre Art, Photography
Country Italy
RegDeadline 18 January 2008 GoogleCal iCal
18 January 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All artists aged between 20 and 40 years
Target Field One or two new Paintings, Sculptures, or Photographs created in the previous 12 months (maximum dimensions of 200 x 200 cm for two-dimensional works (painting, photography) and 200 x 150 x 150 cm for three-dimensional works (sculpture))

IMPACT, masculine noun from the Latin impactus, past participle of impingere, or to push against.
THE IMPACT is the contact point between the projectile – the work of art – and the target – the place, humanity.
The moment of contact or, more commonly, the collision, the crash – the violent relationship.
But IMPACT is also an influx, an influence – the complex of transformations induced by an external, artificial (artistic) action in a space or context; transformations at times sparked off, at others simply hinted at or screamed out, accomplished or negated...
But can a work of art today have an IMPACT?

It is with a provocative aim rather than simply a proposal, with an attack rather than an invitation, that ARTEINGENUA addresses young contemporary and emergent artists, inviting them to participate in a competition that, above all, aims at gauging the IMPACT of new expressive languages, with forms of art still unseen...

The Competition has a carefully selected jury consisting of well-known personalities chosen from the following categories:
• Art criticism
• Journalism
• Collecting
• Industry
• Architecture and design
• Poetry and literature
• Music
• Fashion
• Theatre
• New media

Judging Process

First prize: 30,000 Euros
Second prize: 7,000 Euros
Third prize: 3,000 Euros
The catalogue in which will be published all the works admitted to the Competition, together with relative descriptions, the name of the artist and a list of his or her shows as indicated by the artist. The exhibition, voting, and the consignment of the prizes will take place in an important venue in Italy yet to be decided on.

Entry Fee

CV of the artist indicating studies and exhibitions and Colour photo of the works, 18 x 24 cm (TIFF or JPEG form, 600 dpi)

Preliminary selection: The artists chosen by the selection committee will be directly contacted by the ARTEINGENUA organisers before and no later than Friday February 15th 2008 and they will be asked to deliver the works to a specially selected place – which will be made known before Monday March 31st 2008 – before and no later than Friday April 18th 2008.
The exhibition and the prize-giving ceremony: The exhibition of the first forty works and the presentation of all the other works admitted to the competition, in a multimedial format and in the catalogue, will take place in a venue still to be chosen on Friday May 9th 2008; the opening hours for the public also still have to be decided on. On Friday May 9th 2008 the prize-giving ceremony will be held inside the exhibition hall.


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