BAITASI 2016 International Design Competition

This competition aims to draw attentions of the world into the small courtyards in Beijing, to reinterpret and reinvent new possibilities of development for such regions in the context of urban development.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Two-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Urban
Country Beijing, China
RegDeadline 31 July 2016 GoogleCal iCal
31 July 2016 (via Online)
Eligibility All

Baitasi is a key historical area in Beijing’s urban core; its history can be traced back to the Yuan dynasty. The area has well preserved the stylistic fabrics of the Hutong from that era. The Miaoying Baita is not only the symbol of the Yuan Dynasty’s capital, Dadu, but also an architectural landmark on the 2nd Ring Road of modern Beijing. The area has already become the most stylistically unique district of Beijing and is one of Beijing’s 33 Historical and Cultural Preservation Zones. It has deep historical significance and profound cultural connotations.
By renovating the traditional courtyard spaces, the Batasi project attempts to recreate the courtyards’ various possibilities of spatial and functional recombination——to revive the spaces, to make different functions coexist. Besides the basic residential function, vigorous cultural and creative functions are to be added to the courtyards. By exploring and introducing cultural catalysts, the purpose is also to revitalize the Hutong culture of the area and revive the eastern residential ideal of Hutongs and courtyards. In seeking ancient architectural wisdom within tradition, it hopes to breathe new life into the space of Beijing’s old town and explore ways in which urban development can coexist with traditional urban areas.
This open international competition is to take place among three groups who have been solicited to draw up refurbishment plans of 12 courtyards. Finalists whose plans comply with the design guidelines and show construction feasibility will be authorized by the organizers to implement the project and it will be made available for reference in the Baitasi district, the broader old-town districts of Beijing, and in revitalizing old towns throughout China.

Alexander Tzonis | Professor Emeritus, Delft University of Technology
Joan Busquets | Spanish urban planner, architect,professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design, former Head of Urban Planning for the Barcelona City Council
ZHANG Yonghe | Founder and Principal Architect, FCJZ
LYU Zhou | Professor of Architecture at Tsinghua University, Director of the National Heritage Center, Vice President of ICOMOS-CHINA
SHI Weiliang | Chief Planner of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning
WANG Yuxi | General Manager of Beijing Huarong Jinying Investment and Development Co. Ltd.
ZHANG Li | Professor at Tsinghua University School of Architecture, Chief Architect at Atelier Teamminus, Editor-in-Chief of World Architecture
David Basulto | Editor-in-Chief of Archdaily, Architect

First place: RMB 50,000

Entry Fee
RMB 300 per group

4 Drawings (420mm×297mm)

Both Chinese and English

Notification of finalists: 15-30 Aug 2016
Finalists submit complete and detailed designs: 20 Sep 2016
Final assessment, live Q&A with finalists, award giving: Oct 2016
Eligible designs carry on for further design and implementation: 2017

Beijing Huarong Jinying Investment & Development Co. Ltd.
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