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The Bering strait is the place where the barrier of time, space, history and ideology are revealed most dramatically. The goal of the project is to build a bridge or a tunnel bridging the gap of space and time, to lay a world highway running from London to New York, from the Cape of Good Hope to Santiago. Eventually, it aims to remove the barrier of human race, culture, religion, and nations by letting this obstructed way flow and to bring peace to the world.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Bridge
Country Russia and USA
RegDeadline 24 March 2009 GoogleCal iCal
26 May 2009 (entries to be post-marked or delivered by) GoogleCal
Eligibility Licensed architects/Students of architecture

The Bering Strait is a seaway between Cape Prince of Wales of the United States and Cape Dezhnev of Russia and a gate between Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean. The Bering Strait Project has the following significances in that it attempts to connect two continents at both ends of the strait.

First, it is an enormous challenge and a historical event showing the human spirit of challenge and the dream for the future society. It brings the message that mankind should be prepared for the future world of harmony and connection rather than of separation and disjunction. This project will be a new attempt for the future society.

Second, this kind of a large scale project requires mutual efforts of not only America and Russia but also all the people and nations, no matter who they are. Through the process, mankind can cooperate and communicate with each other better.

Third, with two continents connected and transportation routes completed, exploitation of natural resources at Alaska and Siberia will be accelerated and thus, today's concerns on natural resources crisis could be alleviated. The Bering Strait Project is not only for physical connection but also contribution to the peace and prosperity of the world.

Throughout the project, FPU has been pursuing a far-reaching vision to prepare for the future of mankind by developing natural resources in Siberia and Alaska which has been left alone without being developed by human beings for a long time and creating a new type of wealth in the world as well as to contribute to the permanent world peace through the communication between nations, cultures, races and religions.

Two (2) International jurors.
Two (2) Domestic jurors.
One (1) International UIA Representative.
One (1) Alternate juror, UIA appoint.
* The list of jury members will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

- Professional category
1st Prize: USD 80,000
2nd Prize: USD 40,000
Three (3) 3rd Prizes: USD 10,000 each
Honorable Mentions

- Student category
1st Prize: USD 20,000
2nd Prize: USD 10,000
Four (4) 3rd Prizes: USD 5,000 each
Honorable Mentions

Entry Fee
- Professional category : US $150
- Student category : US $50

Drawing Panels:Six (6) A1 size sheets. (594mm x 841mm)
Design Description: A4 or letter size paper, 10 pages or less including the cover sheet.

Result announced: 11 June 2009

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