Best Degree Projects Florence International Exchange Festival 2009


377 Participants

Sophie Gogoladze
Project: Garden in the sky
From: Tbilisi State Academy Of Art (Tbilisi - Georgia)

Olga Akimenko
Project title: Revitalization of industrial areas
From: Moscow Architectural Institute (Moscow - Russia)
Working group: Olga Akimenko, Anastasia Grishchenko, Alexey Kudimov, Anna Serduk, Ksenia Vorobieva, Svetlana Zezyukina

Nataliya Vasychkina
Project title: Classroom of the future - The conception of developement space
From: Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts (Kharkov - Ukraine)

Sophico Antidze
Project title: Imaginative World of Johnny Baby
From: Tbilisi State Academy of Art (Tbilisi - Georgia)

Awards for the most voted projects in Internet
(1st January - 15th October 2009)

Rami Kopty and Joe Nashashibi
Technion Institute of Technology- Isreal
Title: Uni-Diversity Coexistence in Architecture

Caballero Quintana Antonio
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain
Title: Intermediate spaces: 41 apartments and public space in Las Palmas GC

Yaacob Nweisser
Technion - Isreal Institute of Technology- Isreal
Title: Urban Quartyard - Nazareth

Nadstawek Tomasz
Wroclaw University of Technology - Poland
Title: Analysis of static work of wooden girdes made of solid timber, utilized durning Italian Renaissance

Bshara Rezik
Isreal Institute of Technology - Isreal
Title: Seamless Housing

Alexander Rossoshynskyy
The Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture - Ukraine
Title: Marina & Yatch- Club

Anna Mosendz
Kharkov State Technical University of Construction and Architecture - Ukraine
Title: Designing of a conceptual image of relax-space in the environment of city of Kharkov

Ahdali Woroud
Damascus university - Syria
Title: Dar Al Hekma 09 . House of wisdom 09 . phase I

Zuev Maxim
Odessa State Academy of Building and Architectural - Ukraine
Title: Museum of contemporary arts in Odessa

Batuzava Darya
Belarussian National Technic University - Belarus
Title: Culture & Business center in the structure of Minsk-city

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This goal has promoted the birth of the Best Degree Project, an event where all the top graduates were chosen by their universities to participate and show their degree projects.

Category Award / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Award, Single-Stage, Onymous
Genre Degree-Project
Country Florence, Italy
RegDeadline 30 September 2009 GoogleCal iCal
30 September 2009 (via Online, See "Entries" below)
Eligibility Graduates

The Foundation has always been oriented toward our younger generation and our students. This orientation has brought to a natural evolution: to satisfy the students' request of organizing an event that could help students once they finish their studies and enter the professional world. This initiative has taken a dual composition: a virtual exposition always open on-line and the International Festivals held every year in Florence with partipants from all over the world and during the year in different regions of the world on regional related topics and issues. The goal of this project is to offer "Acknowledgement of our youth within the professional world".
By uploading your Degree Project in our database it will be permanently visible on the Virtual Expo on our website and you will always be able to update your project and the personal information in your Curriculum Vitae.
This presence on the Internet shall offer you great visibility, considering that it is monthly visited by about 4.000 people, with peaks of 6.000, interested in the sectors related to your project.
In addition to those opportunities you can also come to the “Florence World Festival” from November 24th to the 27th of November 2009 and personally display and explain your project to the public of professors, professional and students, during the poster sessions organized within the program. By doing this you will have the opportunity to win one special prize: the “Smart Presentation” Award which will be designeted by the Scientific Committee during the Festival.

Votes/number of visits on Virtual Expo
Special "Smart Presentation Award" only: the Scientific Committee of Degree & Profession

Monthly Award to the most visited projects: the T-Shrit, Publication
Awards for the most voted projects
- First Prize: Free stay for 4 days and 2 free Registrations to the Festival, the Opportunity to present the project in the Florence Degree Expo and in the Degree Presentation session
- Second/Tenth Prize: Free Registration to the Florence World Festival, the Opportunity to present the project in the Florence Degree Expo and in the Degree Presentation session
Special "Smart Presentation Award": Euros 4,000

Entry Fee
€ 35 for any diploma/thesis

- 1 Photo of the author
- 3 meaningful images of the diploma work/thesis
- Written presentation of the work max 6.000 characters
- Other 6 images to complete the presentation
Special "Smart Presentation Award" (By October 18th, 2008): 5 Slides, the Presentation in Power Point

The results announcement: before 30th of October 2009
The Florence World Festiva: 24-27 November, 2009
The “Smart Presentation” Award announcement: during the closing ceremony of the Florence World Festival

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