2nd International Gardening Contest BILBAOJARDÍN 2009

The purpose of the contest is to create 27 new spaces in Bilbao, 27 personal and creative conceptions of modern gardening. The contest has no theme, so contestants are free to choose their own topics.

Category Other Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Project, Open, Two-Stage, Onymous
Genre Landscape
Country Bilbao, Spain
RegDeadline 30 December 2008 GoogleCal iCal
30 December 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All

These 27 spaces have been carefully selected in order to form a creative mesh within the city, allowing locals and visitors alike to enjoy a very special stroll throughout the different quarters of Bilbao and marvel at the garden projects participating in the contest.
Also, the organizers will value those proposals based on living matter, that is, on vegetation, as the main element of their creations, since it is precisely this use of botanical elements (trees, bushes, ivy, perennial plants, flowers, water plants, succulent plants) that we wish to particularly disseminate.
Contestants must set up their Projects on a surface of approximately 80, surrounded by ecological sleepers supporting a vegetal bedding approximately 45 cm high. The enclosing and containment of the vegetal bedding is subject to alternative proposals, in which case it will be up to the organizers to decide whether they will take care of the enclosure or leave it to the contestants.
As to the shape of the 80m2 project, it is free, but contestants must be aware that the shaping of their projects may be slightly altered depending on the project location selected. All the work in the gardens will be carried out under the supervision of the organizers. Construction works on the garden will be carried out by the contestants or by an external company, in which case the contestants will submit a list of collaborating companies, which must show prove of compliance with current labour laws.
The organizers will select 27 projects, which will go on to the final stage of the contest. The projects will be assigned their corresponding spaces, which can be both urban spaces and already existing green areas.

Not yet announced

The Contest will fund the 27 projects selected with 6,000 euros each.

The prize of the winner of the contest and two additional prizes will be a permanent Park or Public Garden Project in the city of Bilbao, (a new one or the reform of a previously existing one ) with an honorary of 30.000 EUR VAT included. The organization would eventually convoke a popular election for the best garden, which prize would be the automatic selection for the next edition.

Entry Fee

DIN A-3 format and a copy in digital form
Projects will include a descriptive text, an execution statement and a detailed budget, as well as a maintenance protocol for the preservation of the garden.

Submission Address
Fundación Bilbao 700
Edificio del Ensanche
Plaza del Ensanche, 11, 1º
48009 Bilbao

The projects selected will be announced on 02/02/09.
Production of the 27 projects selected will start from 9/03/09.
Projects must be completed between 18/04/09 and 28/04/09.
The exhibit will open on Monday 29/04/09 and the awards will be given.
The exhibition will close on Sunday 03/07/09.
Contestants must withdraw their Projects before 06/07/09, except the containment perimeter, which will be withdrawn by the City Hall.

Past winners

Fundación Bilbao 700

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