NEW URBAN CENTRE for the city of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

We invite you to participate in an International Architectural Contest for a New Urban Centre and a project for an Exposition Center building from which to begin development of the territory known as the Old military school.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Architect, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Complex, Public
Country Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
RegDeadline 20 July 2018 GoogleCal iCal
20 July 2018 (via Online)
Eligibility Certified architects and design teams

The increasing regional and national significance of the city of Veliko Tarnovo as an administrative, cultural, tourist, educational and commercial centre, as well as its growing population in the recent years, necessitate the establishment of an urban space concentrating buildings and open space facilities, which provide conditions for cultural, scientific, trade, political and other events.
At present the city of Veliko Tarnovo does not have a distinctive centre, there are two central areas, formed during different historical periods. Both areas do not have clearly defined borders:
- Historical central area – having a distinctive cultural and historical heritage, with tourist functions; with steep, narrow and cobbled streets; built-up with low-rise residential and public buildings, with small souvenir shops and cafés;
- Modern central area – having administrative and commercial functions; built-up with multi-storey and large-area public buildings, the ground floors of which house large trade facilities, bank, offices, etc.
The existing central areas are not capable of providing space for public activities and events, that are proportionate to the scale of development of the city, because their capacity is insufficient or because that is in contradiction with their spirit and functions. In this context, it is necessary to develop a new urban centre (NUC), which will function in a dynamic harmony and interaction with the other two centres.

Andrea D'Antrassi (Italy-China)
Andrey CHERNIKHOV (Russia)
Helle JUUL (Denmark)
Dominique ROUILLARD (France)
Andrew YEOMAN (United Kingdom - Croatia)
George STANISHEV (Bulgaria)
Yuriy LYUBOMIRSKI (Bulgaria)
Nikolai MALAKOV (Bulgaria)
Lora BACHVAROVA (Bulgaria)

I PRIZE: EURO 25,000
FIVE PREMIUMS OF EURO 5,000 will be awarded to designs selected by the jury.

Entry Fee

Jury assessment and Announcement of results: 27 - 29 JULY 2018
Conclusion of a contract: AUGUST – OCTOBER 2018

Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

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