New Downton in Buccinasco Planning Competition

Planning Competition for urban and architectonical retraining with functional re-arrangement for two central areas in Buccinasco.

Category Project Competition
Type International Urban D./Archi. preliminary plan Competition
Genre Redevelopment, Urban
Country Buccinasco, Italy
RegDeadline 1 Oct 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Delivery or shipment of papers: 7 Feb 2008 / Acceptance of papers delivered: 12 Feb 2008
Eligibility Licensed Architects and Engineers

The Competition aims to acquire the best proposal for the urban planning, architectural, cultural and social retraining of the wide areas mentioned and not much exploited so far.
The goal is to build two aggregation poles able to revitalise the city of Buccinasco through the location of new architectural works with a strong urban connotation. These two zones, at present political and economic poles, need a new general configuration in order to make them recognizable in the undifferentiated suburbs’ landscape. In order to do this, proposals aimed to improve the present urban-planning situation through morphologic suggestions according to regional Rule 12/2005 (a rule that aims at “the overcoming of city zooning and at a territory transformation through urban plans and projects”) are welcomed.

This ban aims to a preliminary planning Competition. Planning must end with preliminary project, without any priority for winner to the commitment of following planning stages. Following agreements between Administration and area owners or acquisition of such areas, the crier reserves the possibility to issue a further ban for definitive and executive planning stages. Areas mentioned in such competition are property of Municipality or private owners, mentioned in PGT as “urban transformation”.
The total expense fixed by Banner for public works for the area “Romano Banco” is Euro 3.000.000 (assigned to realise a new square, not including public building that will be planned and valued separately). The total expense fixed by Banner for public works for the area “via Emilia/Chiesetta is Euro 3.000.000 (not including volume for private and commercial residential buildings that will be planned and not valued)

Comune di Buccinasco

Mr Alessandro Bianchi- Chairman for city-planning and private Building in Buccinasco
Architect Mrs Gregoria Stano as Banner’s representative and others

Competition Type
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

The Competition will end up with a list and with the award of 6 prizes for each area of the project(“Romano Banco” and “via Emilia/ Chiesetta”) as follows:
Winner: Euro 6,000
Second: Euro 3,000
Third: Euro 2,000
3 signalizing: Euro 1,000 each

Entry Fee
Euro 50

N 3 tables in UNI A0 format, report made up by maximum 10 files, UNI A4 format, etc.

Questions and request of clarifications: 31/10/2007
Answers to questions: 09/11/2007
Announcement of the result: 10/04/2008
Show and publication of the paper: 10/05/2008

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