Capital Garden in Abu Dhabi


The jury has been held on 20tieth of September 2007 in the Nemetschek Haus Munich-Riem.
Due to the quality of works, the jury decided to nominate two first prizes and one third prize.

The awarded, short listed and appreciated works will be displayed during an exhibition in Abu Dhabi City and will be considered in some publications.
There will be the chance to issue some of the further results worth to be seen in the exhibition. The relevant teams will be informed and asked for acceptance afore.

In the case of realisation the selected team has the opportunity to join the project team.

1st Prize: Kai Beck, Sebastian Heinemeyer (D-Weimar)

1st Prize: Lorenzo Trompetto, Maurizio Pizzorco, Nicola Lunardi, Stefano Fiorito, Veronica Rusca (IT-Genova)

3rd Prize: Berit Bessell, Henrik Gruß, Thorsten Haase (D-Weimar)

Adrian Aguirre Herrera, (MEX-Guadalajara/Jalisco)
Javier Leyba, Roeland Boyen, Alexander Bobyr (NL-Maastrich, BE- Diepenbeek)
Yann Martin, Benjamin Clarens (F-Montsoult, F-Paris)

Short List:
Ana Lucia Cano Villegas, Diana Vasquez (USA-New York, CO-Bogota)
Bastian Wessels (D-Bochum)
Germain Benais, Paul Rolland (F-Bordeaux)


New concept for Capital Garden located in central Abu Dhabi.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Idea Competition
Genre Landscape, Urban
Country U.A.E
RegDeadline 30 Aug 2007 GoogleCal iCal
30 Aug 2007
Eligibility Students and graduates of the fields of architecture and landscape architecture. Entitled to take part are students starting from the fourth semester as well as graduates without permanent employment, who received their diploma in 2005/2006/2007.

Capital Garden is one of the oldest remaining green areas in Abu Dhabi. Since the city in its current form was only developed in the 1970s without any special historical or conservational value, however there is a certain idealistic value due to the central situation, and the relatively high age of the trees of approx. 30 years.

This design competition shall bring forward a concept, which will focus all relevant city centre functions on theoretically possible 2 millions m2 floor areas and on a relatively compact area and which is supposed to become a main magnet for Shopping, Business, Entertainment, Culture and Recreation. The concept is to bundle the center effect here to the maximum and to therewith reinforce Abu Dhabi, being capital of the emirates, as a globally acting metropolis as well as strengthening it as a future tourism destination.

There is no fixed spatial program as the basis to the competition. The only condition is a maximum economic use on the one hand (Retail, Entertainment, Office, Hotel, Apartments...) and a maximum creation of publicly usable green/open spaces on the other hand (in the existing area or in a newly created; in, above, below buildings...).

Dipl. Ing. Landscape Architect Daniel Wolf (I-CON, Abu Dhabi)
Dipl. Ing. Architect Klaus Kehrbaum (kehrbaumarchitektenBDA, Augsburg)
Dr. Wolfgang Bachmann (Chief editor ‚baumeister', Munich)

Competition Type

1st Price: 3,000 Euro + flight to Abu Dhabi with overnight stay for 2-3 participating persons to the price awarding ceremony
2nd Price 2,000 Euro
3rd Price 1,000 Euro

Entry Fee

Digital data: JPG, AVI, PDF, PPT

Evaluation/ judgment: Sep. 2007
Notification of Winners: 30/09/2007
Notification of other participants, Publication of results: 15/10/2007

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