Changdong·Sanggye Start-up and Culture Industry Complex International Design Competition

Creating a foundation of Start-up Culture for employments and industrial ecology/ Making life·leisure infrastructure for the locals based on the culture industry/ Establishing open space and connection to the surroundings

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Two-Stage
Genre Complex
Country Seoul, Korea
RegDeadline 21 February 2018 GoogleCal iCal
23 February 2018 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility Korean and international experts in architecture, urban planning, landscape etc.

‘Changdong·Sanggye Start-up and Culture Industry Complex’ should work as a foundation for the employment and the industry, based on the Start-up Culture facility. Linking with the ‘Generation-Convergence Project of North-eastern Start-up Center and 50+ Campus’, the project shall provide foundation for incubating start-up ventures. Therefore ‘Cultural Start-up facilities’(Youth Start-up Office, Culture Start-up Office, Culture Industry Infrastructure) and ‘Start-up and Creative Residence(Studio Apartment)’ should be connected spacially and functionally to be space where human interaction and information interaction take place, needs to be planned. A supporting facilites for Start-up facilities needs to be a creative space and also, has multiple uses, that could nurture Start-up culture and raise the business potential.
(1) Stage 1 International Open Design Competition (hereinafter referred to as Stage 1)
Three(3) teams will be selected among entries, proposed by the experts in the architecture, landscape, urban design and related fields, at Stage 1.
(2) Stage 2 International Invitational Design Competition (hereinafter referred to as Stage 2)
Total of seven(7) teams, the selected three(3) teams from Stage 1 and four(4) architects/ teams (two(2) domestic teams and two(2) foreign teams) nominated by Professional Advisor Committees, will be entitled to participate in Stage 2.

Jinho Park, Inha University
Sohn, Saehyung, SungKyunKwan University
Yongmi Kim, GEUMSUNG Architects & Associates
Jahoon Koo, Hanyang University
KIM Sung Hong, Professor of architecture and urbanism at the University of Seoul
Insoo Park (Preparatory Jury), PARKiz

Design commission
Design Fee Budget: 3,949 million KRW

Entry Fee

Result Announcement for Stage 1: 5 March 2018

Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Development

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