Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum Competition


The RIBA is delighted to announce the winner of the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum Competition. The winning design (Scheme No. 69 in the competition) is by Berman Guedes Stretton, an Oxford-based firm of architects, with a branch in London, which has worked on a wide range of heritage-related projects.


Proposals for the design of an extension to the existing Art Gallery and Museum

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Project Competition
Genre Museum
Country UK
RegDeadline 24 Aug 2007 GoogleCal iCal
12 Sep 2007
Eligibility The competition is open internationally to architects and architect-led multi-disciplinary design teams.

As one of Cheltenham's key cultural facilities and public buildings, the current Art Gallery & Museum is compromised by difficult access to its main collections and by limited exhibition, storage and other spaces essential to the provision of a quality public art gallery and museum service.

The aim is to address these issues through the development of the semi-derelict site to the east of the Art Gallery & Museum. This will require the removal of some of the existing buildings, to provide adequate space for the new extension, and to establish an appropriate presence on the street - both in terms of scale and proportion.

Cheltenham Borough Council

Jane Lillystone, Museum & Arts Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council
Richard Brearley, John Miller and Partners with Sidell Gibson, RIBA Adviser
Cllr. Diggory Seacome, Cabinet Member Arts & Culture, Cheltenham Borough Council
Wilf Tomaney, Urban Design Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council
Karen Radford, Heritage & Conservation Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council
Sophia Wilson, Art Gallery & Museum Staff Representative

Competition Type
Two-Stage. First Stage is Anonymous. A shortlist of up to five will be selected and the authors invited to proceed to the next stage. Anonymity will be lifted at stage 2.

An equal honorarium of £4,000 will be paid to each stage 2 finalist.

Entry Fee

Stage 1: Maximum of 2 A1 sheets ミ Proposals should focus on initial ideas and thinking. Cost estimate ミ On a separate single A4 sheet a statement regarding cost and how the team proposes to deliver a high quality solution within the given budget.
Stage 2: Additional 2 ミ 3 (max) boards will be required, plus a statement relating to cost and viability of the proposal. Final judging will involve an interview, at which teams will be asked to make a presentation of their proposals to the jury panel. Teams short-listed to this stage will be expected to demonstrate their ability to take the project forward, within budget and through to completion if chosen as the winner of the competition.

Question deadline: 8 August 2007
Replies to questions / clarifications: 17 August 2007
Public consultation: 19 September to 12 October 2007
Assessment: w / c 15 October 2007
Invitation to stage 2: w / c 22 October 2007
Final Judging / interviews: w / c 10 December 2007

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