Cheongna CITY TOWER Competition


Hyun, Gun Bo(GDS Korea Architects)
+ Charles I. Wee(GDS Architects, Inc.)
+ Jang, Jae Young(GDS Korea Architects)

Hahm, In Sun(Konwon Architects and Engineers)
+ Kang, Min Gu(Konwon Architects and Engineers)
+ Sinn, Dong Won(Konwon Architects and Engineers)
+ Kim, Young Kyoon(Konwon Architects and Engineers)
+ Lee, Jeong Jin(Konwon Architects and Engineers)

3rd Prize : URBAN PLAY
Burapa Prommul(BAAR)
+ Suchon Pongsopitsin(BAAR)

Honorable Mention : OPEN WINDOW TO THE WORLD
Carmelo Baglivo(IaN+)
+ Luca Galofaro(IaN+)

Honorable Mention : WATER DROP TOWER
Robert MacLeod(SWiMcau)
+ Jennifer Daniels(SWiMcau)
+ Linda Daniels(SWiMcau)
+ Adam Casey(SWiMcau)
+ Richie/Gelles(SWiMcau)


The goal of this international competition is to gather ideas for City Tower which will be the landmark of Cheongna in Incheon IFEZ.

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result
Type International Tower Idea Competition
Genre Tower
Country Incheon, Korea
Registration Deadline 7 December 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 10 March 2008 (Must be Postmarked) / 20 March 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Licensed Architects

Cheongna is the city of international business, leisure & tourism and sports and it will be transformed into a world-class international business gateway of Northeast Asian region.

For this city, KLC(Korea Land Corporation) is holding an international idea competition for City Tower which will be the landmark of Cheongna in Incheon IFEZ.

The City Tower should present an idea of creating townscape appropriate for the economy-oriented city of Northeast Asia and symbolizing the image and identity of the future city.

We hope, through this competition, Cheongna to be the landmark of Incheon IFEZ as well as of Korea and to stand out in the world.
We're in anticipation of great interests and participation from many prominent architects of all over the world.

The design scope and the project outline are as follows:
- Site: Central Lake Park, IFEZ Cheongna, Incheon, Korea
- Site Area: Approx. 122,393 m2
- Tower Height: Approx. 450 m
- Function: Observatory Complex Tower

To be announced

Judging Process
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

First Prize: KRW 700 million
Second Prize: KRW 200 million
Third Prize: KRW 100 million
Honorable Mention (2 entries): KRW 50 million each
The prize money includes the fee for use of copyright. Therefore, even though the winner retains the copyright of his/her design, the promoter reserves the right to directly or indirectly use or modify the winner's work without any separate contract.

Entry Fee

- 6 Drawing Panels (A1 size)
- 10 copies of 25 pages (or less) Design description (A4 size)
- etc

Announcement of winners: March 28, 2008

Korea Land Corporation

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