New Business Complex BeriČevo, Dol Pri Ljubljani, Slovenia

The purpose of the competition, tendered by the Contracting Authority and the Chamber of Architecture and Planning of Slovenia, is to: - Obtain the most suitable architectural solution; - Provide adequate space requirements and solution of the arrangement of the outer surfaces and stationary traffic and; - Acquire the producer of the project documentation.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Architecture, Office
Country Slovenia
RegDeadline 15 October 2010 GoogleCal iCal
15 October 2010 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Architects

The purpose of the construction of a new ELES building is to support operational activities of the national company for the transfer of electrical energy with the contemporary architecture that will reflect the mission of the company, its environmental awareness, social responsibility and will serve present and future generations.

A new business complex, located in Beričevo, is provided at the site of existing ELES facilities, planned for demolition. The complex of a new business building for the operational activities will have a total of almost 12,000 m2 of surfaces. It consists of two programme component which cover different activities that do not require their mutual functional integration:
· Department for Operating System and Department for Market Monitoring (DOS + DMM) 2,795m2 + 330m2
· Ljubljana Maintenance Centre (MC LJ): 5,597 m2
Common use areas are also provided: 1,788 m2
Additional business areas are provided in phase B: 5,000 m2

The central part of the complex occupies DOS + DMM compound. Most of these areas are intended for the Department for Operating System. The main emphasis in DOS + DMM compound is the control centre. Other programme compound represents MC LJ, where workshops, warehouses and garages of the Ljubljana Maintenance Centre occupy most of the area.

Matevž ČELIK, Bachelor of Architecture.
Uroš SALOBIR, Master of Science, , Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Miran MARINŠEK, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Gorazd SITAR, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Doctor of Science Dominika BATISTA, Bachelor of Architecture
Pero PULJIZ, MArch BI, Bachelor of Architecture
Igor KEBEL, MArch BI, Bachelor of Architecture

1st prize 16,400.00 EUR
2nd prize: 10,500.00 EUR
3rd prize: 6,300.00 EUR
commendations (3): 3,000.00 EUR
reimbursement: 1,000.00 EUR

Entry Fee

- Exhibition panels: posters pasted on panels, format 70/100 – in one (1) set;
- Proposal booklet: folder in A3 format – in four (4) copies, containing all exhibition panels reduced to A3 format and the unsigned proposal (anonymity!);
- etc

Submission Address
Chamber of Architecture and Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS), Vegova 8, Ljubljana.

Final report: 26 November 2010

ELEKTRO-SLOVENIJA, D.O.O., Hajdrihova 2, 1 000 Ljubljana

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