China Wujiang – Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition

Competition Theme: Traditional Culture + Craftsman’s Spirit, Architectural conceptual design for five core galleries in Qipao Town

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Two-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Urban
Country China
RegDeadline 3 September 2016 GoogleCal iCal
8 October 2016 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility Professionals or students in architecture or other related fields

Wujiang, as part of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, is a world-renowned “Silk Capital” of China, possessing immeasurable cultural power. The Central Government’s promulgation of “One Belt One Road” strategy has offered new opportunities for Wujiang. Added to that the development and construction of the city’s Taihu New City and the conditions are ripe for it to leverage on its cultural heritage such as to enhance its core competitiveness, in keeping with international trends. As such it is necessary to fully expound on Wujiang’s rich silk culture in order to achieve perfect integration of the latter with the New City which symbolizes modern civilization. As an important cultural highlight as well as project landmark in Wujiang’s Taihu New City, Qipao Town looks set to herald a new chapter in the venerable city’s modern development.
Qipao Town is situated in Wujiang’s Old Town Section next to the Chuihongqiao relic site. It covers an area of 32 hectares (or about 480 ‘mu’) with 100 ‘mu’ reserved for development at a planned investment cost of RMB 6 billion. It embraces ‘Qipao culture’ and adopts as its core development concept, the tenet of “Traditional Culture + Craftsman’s Spirit” in an effort to achieve integrated development of the town’s culture, tourism and industry.
The developer of Qipao Town has set out to create a town that encompasses tourism, culture and industry. Its intent to give an inimitable cultural and tourism experience in the Southern waterside town while promoting the ‘Qipao’ – a traditional Chinese apparel – as part of contemporary fashion. The ‘Qipao’ theme will also cover Chinese traditional apparel, silk culture, Chinese studies and Buddhism culture, thus giving the town its impeccable cultural heritage. High-end bespoke tailoring, creative design, master’s workshop, product launch and world-class forums revolving around the theme of ‘Qipao’ are sure to give the town its unique flavor.
Planning and construction of Qipao Town calls for the construction of five ‘core galleries’ (Qipao Museum, Qipao Research Institute, Qipao-themed Hotel, Qipao Women’s College and Qipao Outdoor-Show Venue). In view of this, an “International Architectural Design Competition” will be held. The objectives are to inspire public initiative and participation in urban construction, to utilize outstanding architectural design contest entries for vitalizing urban public spaces, and to guide urban developments with quality cultural products and innovative designs through “crowd sourcing and innovation” and “cultural creativity”, so as to establish unique cultural features for Wujiang’s Qipao Town, thereby expanding Wujiang’s cultural influence.

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First Prize (1 recipient): Award of RMB$200,000 + award certificate
2nd Prize (two recipients): Award of RMB$100,000 + award certificate
3nd Prize (three recipients): Award of RMB$50,000 + award certificate
Merit Prize (four recipients): Award of RMB$10,000 + award certificate

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Review date: October 29, 2016

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