Pre-qualification for The Deichmanske Main Library


1.”Diagonale” by Lund Hagem Arkitekter og Atelier Oslo (Norway)

2. “Meeting place/diversity/openness/exploration” by Schmidt Hammer Lassen (Dennmark)

4. “Intermezzo” by Snøhetta (Norway)

4. “Between Brochure” by David Chipperfield Architects (U.K) and Div.A Arkitekter (Norway)

The Deichman-jury has also given two special mentions. The 2 projects are;

* "Body & Mind" by kister scheithauger gross architekten und stadtplaner GmbH in coorperation withanOther Architect (Germany)
* "Open Minds" by a-lab (Norway)

Here you will find the jurys verdict. The jury-report will be released after Easter.


HAV Eiendom AS invites teams to submit requests for qualification, for the New Oslo Public library Design Competition in Björvika, Oslo. The building program includes 25000m2 for the main library, together with 45000 m2 of property area which will be dedicated to additional programs. It is important to highlight the urban design requirements in relation to the location of the competition site, and how a specific architectural layout could resolve the relationship between the Opera and the surrounding open public space.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, RfQ, Restricted, Two-Stage
Genre Library
Country Oslo, Norway
RegDeadline 10 October 2008 GoogleCal iCal
10 October 2008
Eligibility Architects

Competitors will be requested to propose urban design strategies that integrate the library’s organization and programmatic requirements with the building immediate context. Proposals for the library building should deliver a strong architectural concept with the right internal layout for the institution’s optimal operation; the overall objective is to establish a unique set of relationships between the Library, the City and the Fjord. This invitation is open to international teams and the competition languages are Scandinavian and English.

The aim of the pre-qualification
The objective at this phase of the procurement process is to pre-qualify up to 10 suppliers for participation in a planning and design competition. Concurrent with the implementation of the prequalification, the principal is inviting other architects/ architect offices direct to participate in the competition. The architects that the promoter is inviting direct will be respected and recognised figures in the international architect environment. The 20 participants to the planning and design competition will finally compete under the same conditions.

Not yet announced

Criteria for pre-qualification
- The applicant’s capacity to participate to the competition
- Professional expertise
- Professional attitude and motivation for the assignment

Entry Fee

Deadline for questions: 3. October 2008
Announcement of suppliers in the competition: 21. October 2008
Kick-off seminar: 7. November 2008
Deadline for questions: 3. February 2009
Deadline for submission of proposals: 25. February 2009

City of Oslo, HAV Eiendom AS

Official Website