Designing from the Inside Out


Two junior prizes
- Jonas Tratz with Sebastian Kern, Berlin
- Alessandro Ayuso, with Dragan Pavlovic and Harpreet Lota, London

Senior prize
David Flynn, Dublin

- Mathias Zielinski with Aleksandra Zielinski; Cardiff
- Pawel Pietkun, Krakow
- Richard Schaffranek, Vienna


Theme items: user-centered, user experience, movement/flows, orientation, wayfinding

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre School
Country Bremen, Germany
Registration Deadline 30 July 2011 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 20 August 2011 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility Professional architects, interior designers, interior architects, space planners and to students of all disciplines

This open ideas competition invites practicing architects, interior designers, interior architects, space planners as well as registered students of the above disciplines to design an Academic Interchange for the University of Bremen, Germany. The Academic Interchange is envisioned as an incubator for interdisciplinary collaborations and international relations for academics at the university.
Entrants are encouraged to pay particular attention to the immersive experience of a visitor or visiting resident of the Academic Interchange with respect to their experience/understanding of the building and movement/flow through it. The design concept should evolve from the perspective of the building users: being designed sequentially to provide a series of experiential spaces which inform new visitors of room function and layout, and guide visitors successfully through the building. The design should encourage formal and informal interactions between the occupants and clearly differentiate between public, semi-public and private spaces. The navigation of the building should minimize the requirement for signage. Key spaces and volumes, such as lecture theatres, exhibition spaces, and the faculty club etc., should be planned and designed to aid the orientation and wayfinding of the new visitor.
Issues such as structural engineering, environmental design or sustainability are not primary concerns for this open idea competition. The focus is foremost on the unfolding user-experience as demonstrated through the careful design of sequences of indoor spaces and user-oriented architectural programming.

Ruth Conroy Dalton (Northumbria)
Georg Vrachliotis (ETH Zurich)
John Peponis tbc (Georgia Tech)
Wilfried Wang ( & University of Austin)
Christian Derix (AEDAS R&D)

1st and 2nd Prizes:
Stipend for participation in NYC symposium (Nov 15-18), Covering flight (up to Euro 900), 5 nights at workshop hotel (+ free workshop registration, covering most meals during the event)
Senior Designer Prize: Participation in Symposium “Spatial Cognition for Architectural Design”
Commendations: Symposium stipend

Entry Fee

Three A1 sheets and up to one page of A4/Letter-sized explanatory text

Notifications by 2011 Sep 20
Workshop “Spatial Cognition for Architectural Design” 2011 Nov 15-18

Christoph Hölscher (SFB/TR8 Freiburg)
Ruth Conroy Dalton (Northumbria)
Martin Brösamle (SFB/TR8 Freiburg)
Peter Holgate (Northumbria)

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