International Urban Ideas Competition for the Sustainable Development of Gadeokdo, Korea


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The purpose of the competition is to establish a schematic design for developing the Gadeokdo region of Cheonga-Dong, Gangseo-Gu in Busan Metropolitan City as an international compound zone by obtaining the broad ideas of experts at home and abroad.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Landscape, Urban
Country Gadeokdo, Korea
RegDeadline 31 December 2009 GoogleCal iCal
18 February 2009 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

Development direction of Gadeokdo
- Gadeokdo region, with its beautiful natural scenery, will be developed as a futuristic high quality maritime tourism city centering on tourism and leisure.
- Gadeokdo's Status level as a gateway city of Pan-Pacific North East Asian trade will be increased through the establishment of transportation infrastructure.
- Integrated leisure and entertainment resorts will be introduced to attract foreign investment and tourism. This will be different from other tourism regions of Busan.
- Complementary international business and exhibition facilities will be expanded to create added value of the new port region.
- Permanent tourism will be facilitated through the Gadeok Great Bridge and the Geoga Great Bridge which connect Busan to Gadeokdo and Geojedo.
- Residences will be introduced in the neighboring regions of Busan & Jinhae Free Economic Zone, the new harbor, Noksan National Industrial Complex etc.
- New renewable energy will be introduced to attract tourism while aiming for energy saving urban development.
- Resort facilities will be totally equipped with amenities such as sport and lodging, medical and entertainment facilities etc.

The jury is composed of five members(three Koreans and two non-Koreans) with voting rights.
One deputy member will be nominated to substitute for regular jury members in the case of their absence.
The list of jurors will be announced on the competition website on January 18, 2010.

First prize: 200,000,000 won and priority negotiation right in establishing the master plan
Second prize: Korean currency 60,000,000 won
Third prize (2 works): 20,000,000 won each
Encouragement prize (5 works): No prize money

Copyright fee is included in prize money.

Entry Fee
U$100 (120,000 Korean won)

Submission drawings : drawing panels(six A1(594mm x 841mm)size), design description report, and CD(DVD)
Submission documents : Submission forms with participant list, Declaration of Promoter's Terms, and Consent to the utilization and alteration of Prizewinning works.

Announcement of winners: March 2, 2010
Exhibition and awarding ceremony: March 2, 2010 - March 16, 2010

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