E2 Timber Development Competition - Towards sustainable and climate friendly development


The first prize for the international E2 Timber Development competition was shared by two designs and teams. The jury decided that the winning designs E2volution (Team Arup) and Puu-Bo (Team Big) best represented the given assignment. The merits of the winning designs differ, but their characteristics are equally relevant in continuing the development of wooden multi-storey buildings.

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The competition aims at developing a concept of a multi-story residential building with wooden structural frame. This concept should introduce relevant construction elements and demonstrate those in a residential development on the pilot site of Kouvola. The competition is organized as a design competition according to the Public Procurement Act of Finland. After the Request fo Qualifi cations period up to four multiprofessional teams are inveted to submit a proposal to the competition.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project/RfQ, Open, Two-Stage
Genre Housing, Wood
Country Finland
RegDeadline 22 September 2010 GoogleCal iCal
22 September 2010
Eligibility Architects

The competition aims at demonstrating timber constructed multi-storey residential development on a pilot site in the City of Kouvola. The emphasis is on relevant industrial approaches and systems, however, the proposed solutions must enable a variety of high quality architecture. Further, the competition explores issues related to training, research and development associated to timber construction as part of Woodinno centre’s mission. Woodinno targets activating entrepreneurship connected to the forest cluster in the region of Kouvola. The outcomes of the competition shall enhance the adoption of prefabricated timber construction nationwide.

Mr. Ilmari Absetz, D.Sc., Chief Technology Advisor, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
Mr. Aimo Ahti (chair), City Manager on Economic Affairs, the City of Kouvola
Hans Andrén, Projektledare, Växjö kommunföretaget AB
Pekka Heikkinen, Architect, Professor, Aalto University
Mr. Kyösti Jääskeläinen, Executive Director, KSS Energia Oy
Ari Kevarinmäki, Senior Research Scientist, Dr.Sc. (Tech.), the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers
Mr. Jouni Koiso-Kanttila, Architect, Professor, University of Oulu
Mr. Jarek Kurnitski, D.Sc., Senior Lead - Built Environment, Sitra the Finnish Innovation Fund
Mr. Hannu Luotonen, Head of City Planning, the City of Kouvola
Ms. Liisa Mäkijärvi, Executive Director, the Finnish Forest Foundation
Erik Serrano, Professor, Linnaeus Univeristy
Mr. Tapio Välinoro, Regional Mayor, the Regional Council of Kymenlaakso
N.N., the Finnish Association of Architects

Design commission

Entry Fee

Selection of the teams announced: 6 October 2010
Launching the competition: 11 October 2010
Workshop 11-13 November 2010
Competition proposals due: 17 January 2011
Winning team announced: March 2011

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