Ed #1 The Architecture of Architecture

We endeavor to sketch out the limits of contemporary architectural practice and thought, and to imagine alternatives.

Category Other Competition
Type International, Call for submissions, Open
Genre Architecture, Call-for-Papers
Country United States
RegDeadline 2 May 2017 GoogleCal iCal
2 May 2017 (via Online)
Eligibility All

The meaning of architecture might appear as common sense, but it’s far from a given. Even the word itself is unfixed, denoting at once a profession, discipline, environment, and object. And, in turn, both signifier and signified are constructed, mutating over time and across geographies. There is an architecture of architecture—a set of political and economic forces, social and cultural configurations, as well as ecological and material conditions that delimit architectural practice and thought. The possibilities of architectural thinking and practice are thoroughly circumscribed.
Archinect is excited to announce the launch a new hybrid print-digital publication, Ed. For the inaugural issue, we’re considering this architecture of architecture—how architecture is constitutively enmeshed within ecologies, economies, socio-politics, technological regimes, and patriarchal structures. A series of texts will explore what this looks like, how it operates, and how it can be redesigned. "The Architecture of Architecture" endeavors to sketch out the limit of contemporary architectural practice and thought, and to imagine alternatives.
Intended as an experiment in translating across media, Ed is designed to bring more high-quality, in-depth architectural writing—the type typically found in journals—online. At the same time, it’s about having a tangible, physical collection of highly-curated content that you can stuff in your jacket and bring to the park. In the digital age, we skim more than burrow, and a lot of great material gets lost along the way. But, then again, sometimes a quick read is all we want. Ed let’s you do either—or both.
We’ve enlisted a great roster of writers to explore what the "architecture of architecture" looks like, how it operates and how it can be redesigned. And now we’re asking you too.
Archinect is accepting written submissions of around 1500-2000 (max.) words (Chicago-style citation). Images, if included, should be 300dpi. We’re also looking for a range of digital content, from images to architecture projects to videos to interactive content.


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