Effix Pavilion - Students & Young Architects Contest

The aim is to stimulate the enrichment of the urban design in the Seaside Park of the city of Varna through the selection of a project that bears the universal values of the 21st century embodied in the "innovative material - innovative shape" relationship.

Category Project Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Project, Age Restriction and Students, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Pavilion
Country Varna, Bulgaria
RegDeadline 4 August 2016 GoogleCal iCal
4 August 2016 (via Online)
Eligibility All university students and young professionals up to 35 years old

Devnya Cement AD, a member of Italcementi Group, and Varna Design Forum invite all students and young professionals of architecture and design to participate in the international contest for conceptual design of a small trading pavilion, to be situated in the Seaside Park in the city of Varna. The aim of the contest is to enrich the urban design of Varna through the realization of a contemporary and inspiring concept for a trading pavilion constructed with the innovative materials of Italcementi Group. The contest will finish with the announcement of a winner selected by a five-member Jury Panel. The winner will be awarded with monetary prize, visit to the "i.lab" research centre in Italy and realization of their project as a real-size prototype.
Object of the design is a small trade pavilion for the selling of popcorn, ice-cream, soft drinks, snacks and small non-food items, to be situated in the Seaside Park of Varna. The pavilion’s basic trade function can be supplemented with seats for customers, sunshades, photovoltaic panels for the charging of mobile devices, branding and advertising areas.
For the purposes of flexibility, the “Effix” Pavilion has to be designed as a modular system capable to contain the necessary equipment, which can vary in size, depending on the variety of offered goods. It is expected that the individual module will be of small area so that it can function independently with small-size equipment (for the sale of popcorn) or as a part in a group of two or more modules, capable of containing larger-size equipment (ice- cream freezers). The dimensions of the equipment are specified in the Design chapter, Equipment division.

Jury members will be announced before 15 July.

First Prize: 3000 BGN, visit to the "i.lab" research centre in Bergamo, Italy, and realization of the project
Two Second Prize: 1000 BGN and visit to the "i.lab" research centre in Bergamo, Italy

Entry Fee

A single board of dimensions 100 x 70 cm
The explanatory note (up to 1000 symbols)
A jpg file not larger than 2 Mb

Meeting of the Technical Commission: 5 - 7 August 2016
Assessment of the projects: 8 - 10 August 2016
Announcement of the winner and opening of the exhibition: 15 August 2016

Devnya Cement AD, Varna Design Forum

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