Environmental Tectonics v2.0


We are pleased to announce the results of the EES's Environmental Tectonics V2.0 2007 competition and would like to thank the participants. There has been a global response to the competition from over 70 participants. Across the two years there were entries from over 25 countries and around 160 participants. The images to the left are of the 2007 judging process, opening lecture, announcements and the exhibition preview.
Judges Andreas Quednau, Pietro Valle, Andrei Martin, William Hailiang Chen, Marco Poletto, Tuomas Pirinen
The exhibition preview was opened following a lecture by SMAQ at the Architectural Association from Wednesday the 7th – Saturday the 10th November. The work from the competition will be made available in a publication along with statements and pictures of the judging process. The publication date for the book is May 2008.
Winning Entry : MARICULT, Erik Jacobsen
Second Prises : FOG-HARVESTER, Toby Burgess & BASSET, Dan Marks
Honourable Mention : RE-SUSTENANCE, Richard Saunders, Akram Fahmi
Shortlisted / Mentions : SIBAURAITT, Christopher Robeller, LINKTIME, Densie Hoffman Brandt, Deborah Gans, SYNTHGARD, Daniel Norell, Elle Abrons, Adam Fure, NOMAN’S LAND, Phu Hoang, Hwa-Seop Lee
Longlisted : PHOTOTHERM HOUSE, Mattias Rubin de Lima, LEE YUN HEE, Gun Wook Nam, Yun Hee Lee, AQUA CELLS, Fotios Vasilakis, Natou Fani, S.DRIVE, Linzi Deprez, HOUSE OF MINES, Francesco Spanedda, AQVA PROJECT, Theodora Christoforidou, Abel Patacho, XCZ1234, Graig Delany


Innovative ideas, design projects, new techniques and research initiatives that highlight insights into contemporary directions of architecture and design relative to environments, ecology and sustainability

Category Idea Competition / Award / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International Architecture Award/Idea Competition
Genre Environment
Country UK
Registration Deadline 24 Oct 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 24 Oct 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Open to Students, Architects Designers, Engineers, Scientists
Target Field All ideas, projects and built works from 2003 to the present

The goal of the competition is to promote and reveal the potency of new work, be it conceptual, experimental or realized. The organizers view this as a unique opportunity to exhibit and publish relevant and important new projects as well as to help visualize and comprehend current strands of investigation within this realm. Within a period where environmental and sustainable issues seem to address most projects, the competition aims to locate projects which explore discovered potential and redefine common parameters within design.
Projects will be evaluated on their ability to address the larger contextual issues of environments, ecology and sustainability and, most importantly, on their potential to develop new design methodologies in relation to these parameters. We hope to reward projects that integrate theory and technique, tectonics and materials, policy and context.

Not yet announced

Competition Type

£2,500 Total Prizes
the Exhibition and the Publication

Entry Fee
25 EUR

Either 2 or 4 vertical A2 and a CD containing a 300dpi of each panel, the text documents and higher resolution images included for each submission.

Winner Announcement: November 2007

Architectural Association and EES Research Cluster

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