Exploratory Science Museum Of Unicamp - International Public Competition


Daniel Corsi, Dani Hirano, Reinaldo S. Nishimura

Second Prize
Tomohiko Amemiya, Mitsuru Hamada, Hiroki Inutsuka, Akira Suzuki

Third Prize
Erik Warren Lewitt, Jordan Williams

Honorable Mentions
Fábio Boretti Araújo, Bernardo Telles e Luis Amaral Pereira Pinto
Campineira Boretti Fábio Araújo, Bernardo Telles Pereira Pinto and Luis Amaral
Alessandro Moreno Muzi, Hernani Carvalho Paiva, Luiz Marino Küller

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The objective of this Competition is to select, among the proposals presented, the most adequate architectural solution for the site of the Exploratory Science Museum of UNICAMP. Provided they obey the indications and determinations of the Rules and Regulations of this Competition, set forth below and in possible forthcoming Annexes, entrants may feel free to make the proposals they see fit.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, Open, Two-Stage
Genre Museum
Country Brazil
RegDeadline 6 March 2009 GoogleCal iCal
27 March 2009 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
Eligibility Architects

General Characteristics that are desirable in the Project

- Use of natural illumination with possibilities of controlling it.
- Concern with respect to access, circulation and interaction among visitors, personnel and services. The separation between spaces accessible to the public at large and spaces with restricted entry and/or to which entry is accessible for a fee should be clearly demarcated.
- It is desirable that the reception area should establish direct communication with the parking lot, the ticket booth, coat room, café, restrooms, store, library, as well as the auditorium, exhibitions and ateliers.
- An independent access to the administrative and technical areas is desirable.
- The Museum should be inclusive, prepared to receive heterogeneous public with regard to age group, socioeconomic origin and cultural and educational background. The project of the spaces for exhibitions should be developed so as to allow for different kinds of museographies, particularly with respect to the volumetry of the exhibition space, provision of electricity and lighting projects.
- The constructed areas already in existence should be incorporated into the project. The architect may make suggestions with respect to the desired use and adaptations of these constructions to the project.

Description of the spaces
Five large sectors of the museum are described below in detail, strictly in terms of their functionality for this project:
- Space for exhibitions and for attending the public;
- Open access area;
- Ádministrative area;
- Technical area;
- External areas.

The cost of construction of this enterprise is estimated in R$ 10,000,000.00 [Approximately US$ 4,000,000], value which should be respected by the entrants.

Jury members Phase 1
- PAULO VALENTINO BRUNA (Architect, Brazil)
- HECTOR VIGLIECCA (Architect, Brazil)
- MARCELO FIRER (Director of the Exploratory Science Museum, Brazil)
- EDGAR DE DECCA (Historian, Brazil)
- JULIA TAGUEÑA (Museograph and ex-director of the Universum – México City, Mexico)
- LEANDRO MEDRANO (Architect, Brazil)
- FRANCISCO BORGES FILHO (Architect, Brazil)

Jury members Phase 2
- JORGE WAGENSBERG (Museograph and director of the Cosmocaixa – Barcelona, Spain)
- LUIS MANSILLA (Architect, Spain)
- PAULO VALENTINO BRUNA (Architect, Brazil)
- HECTOR VIGLIECCA (Architect, Brazil)
- MARCELO FIRER (Director of the Exploratory Science Museum, Brazil)
- SILVIA ARANGO (Architect, Columbia)
- EDGAR DE DECCA (Historian, Brazil)
- LEANDRO MEDRANO (Architect, Brazil)

At that stage five papers will be selected for the next stage and will receive an initial award of the tender value of $ 5,000.00

1st Prize: R$ 8,000.00 (eight thousand reais).
The winner shall sign a Term of Commitment with UNICAMP assuring him/her that he/she will be contracted (once the sum total of the resources necessary for the construction of the project are available) for the elaboration of the complete executive project, including engineering projects (structures, hydraulics, electricity and air conditioning) that should follow all the technical norms and regulations of the current legislation in Brazil. The value of the contract shall be established according to the values established by UNICAMP for the execution of projects. The winner may abdicate from the right to elaborate the executive projects.
2nd Prize: R$ 4,000.00
3rd Prize: R$ 2,000.00
Two honorable mentions

Entry Fee

Four stiff A1 broads

Submission Address
Concurso Público Internacional – Museu – UNICAMP
Caixa Postal 6018, Área de Suprimentos – DGA,
CEP 13083-970, Campinas, SP

Announcement of the results PHASE 1: April, 6th , 2009
Closing Date for Submission of the Projects FASE 2: May, 7th, 2009
Announcement of the results PHASE 2: May, 11th 2009
Awards Ceremony: May, 12th, 2009

Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)

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