Extension of Kunsthaus Zürich


David Chipperfield

20 shortlisted architects
- Andreas Fuhrimann/Gabrielle Hächler, Zurich
- Annette Gigon/Mike Guyer, Zurich
- Arge Grazioli/Krischanitz, Zurich
- Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin
- Caruso St John Architects, London
- David Chipperfield Architects, London
- Diener & Diener Architekten, Basel
- Eckert Eckert Architekten, Zurich
- Josep Lluís Mateo MAP Arquitectos, Barcelona
- Luis Mansilla & Emilio Tuñón Arquitectos, Madrid
- Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten, Zurich
- Max Dudler Architekten, Zurich
- Mazzapokora, Zurich, & Buchner Bründler, Basel
- Miller & Maranta, Basel
- Oskar Leo Kaufmann/Albert Rüf Ziviltechniker, Dornbirn, Austria
- Pool Architekten, Zurich, & Aires Mateus & Associados, Lisbon
- Rex Architecture, New York
- Rüssli Architekten, Lucerne, & Steven Holl Architects, New York
- Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin
- Sebastian Irarrazaval Arquitectos, Santiago, Chile


The objective of the project competition is the determination of the best possible project and the selection of a planning team for the

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type Architecture Project Competition
Genre Museum
Country Zürich, Swiss
RegDeadline 1 February 2008 GoogleCal iCal
1 February 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Architecture, Landscape architecture and Civil engineering

The existing Kunsthaus and the Kunsthaus extension should complement each other to become an attractive museum with a corresponding public and operational infrastructure. Furthermore, additional floor space of about 12,500m2 and a volume of approximately 90,000m3 (SIA 416) are required.

A project which creates an identity with strong public presence on the Heimplatz and a radiance which reaches beyond its location is being sought. In doing this, urban compatibility and proportions should be taken into account. The existing ensemble together with the extension will form the new Kunsthaus. With regard to architectural design, an outstanding and innovative solution for art and the public is expected. For the Zürcher Kunsthaus, the basic requirement is an optimal cultural infrastructure in all sectors (visitors and operation).

The target costs for the Kunsthaus extension are CHF 150 million, including VAT for BKP 1-9 (excluding municipal reserves of 5% for the unforeseen and 5% surcharges for the client). This cost estimate is based on the Zürcher Baukonstenindex [construction cost index] state April 2006.

For the Kunsthaus extension, the client intends to erect a museum fit for the future in the sense of ecological sustainability, meeting the objectives set by the 2000-watt society. This means that the entire energy consumption for the building’s operation (heat, air conditioning, electricity), building materials (grey energy) and mobility should be significantly reduced (i.e. by about a factor 3) in comparison with existing museums.

An attractive, public art garden will complement the new ensemble.

The teams also have the opportunity to make suggestions for the framework of the process to redesign the Heimplatz which will optimally complement their actual Kunsthaus extension project.

See competition brief

Judging Process
Two-Stage (Preselection + Design Competition)

Criteria for Preselection:
− Design competence/potential and implementation of competence/potential (on the basis of reference projects). In the evaluation process an emphasis is put on the competence and potential of designing and implementing functional and ecologically sustainable buildings of high quality architecture and urban development.
− Organisational suitability/project management (on the basis of self-declaration). The prerequisite is to choose a team which will ensure quality project management adequate to the complexity of the task at hand.

Young Talent Teams:
It is intended to nominate two young talent teams for this procurement process. In these applications, the potential will be weighted higher than the proof of buildings of comparable complexity. The young talent teams must be declared as such in their application.

CHF 360,000 (total) is reserved for the
Every project admitted for judging within the design competition process will be awarded a fixed reimbursement of CHF 10,000 of the total amount.

Entry Fee

2nd Submission of Plans: Friday 29th August 2008
2nd Submission of Models: Friday 12th September 2008

The Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, the foundation Stiftung Zürcher Kunsthaus and the city of Zurich commission as equal partners to the Amt für Hochbauten Stadt Zürich [Office for Building and Construction, City of Zurich]

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