The Facade 2008 - Conceptual Competition for New ARQUITECTUM's Homepage

ARQUITECTUM, a leading architectural firm, aims to involve architects in the graphic design of a new façade for its website.

Category Other Competition
Type International Web Design Competition
Genre Web-Design
Country United States
Registration Deadline Early Registration: September 30th 2007 / Late Registration:October 31th 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline November 12th 2007 (via Internet)
Eligibility Architecture Students, Graduates and Professional Architects, together with Graphic Designers and Web Designers


This initiative emerges from the idea that architects can –and ought to– be involved in graphic design in all its manifestations and not only in the case of “two dimensional plans”, given their knowledge of “image” in any context (institutional, business or personal) related to architecture.

This initiative also forms part of the new objectives of ARQUITECTUM, which involve the participation of architects in artistic design (theatre, art exhibitions, performances), graphic and digital design (posters, building logos), digital design (virtual worlds, 3D animation or interactive games) and even production design (film sets, scenery for movies, etc.).

The subject, or theme, is very simple: ARQUITECTUM has decided to divide, through the main page of its launcher, its architecture competitions into two categories: Academic and Professional...

Pedro Grijalba (Architect)
Alfredo Queirolo (Architect)

Competition Type
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

1st PRIZE: US $ 1,500
2do PREMIO: US $ 500
3er PREMIO: US $ 250

Entry Fee
Early Registration: US $ 55
Late Registration: US $ 75

One (1) html file, optimized for a 1024 x 768 pixels, plus all the necessary elements for its correct working (swf, jpg, gif, js, type fonts or others).

Announcement of Winner: December 1st 2007
Online Exhibition: January 15th 2008


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