Festival de Jardins - Ponte de Lima 2008

The creation of eleven new temporary gardens in Ponte de Lima, each year from the last Friday in May until 30 October, theme for the Festival 2008 "Energy in the Garden"

Category Other Competition / Open to Students
Type International Garden Project Competition
Genre Landscape
Country Portugal
RegDeadline 30 Oct 2007 GoogleCal iCal
30 Oct 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All

The objectives of the Festival are to contribute on a local, national and international level to greater awareness of the art of the garden and to an increase in the importance of gardens and of green spaces in improving the quality of life of citizens, creating a movement that brings flowers, plants and art into closer contact with the urban space and is simultaneously a force for the preservation and enhancement of the values of the rural landscape.
After the presentation of the final design there will be a meeting of each representative of the team with a member of the Jury and a member of the Board seconded for this purpose, in order to evaluate and adjust the feasibility of each solution. These members may propose binding changes in the case of questions of public safety.The competitors are entirely responsible for the assembly of the gardens and this will take place by arrangement with the Municipal Council and the competitors. After the conclusion of the construction of the gardens, the Festival Board shall ensure watering and simple maintenance from the opening day until 30 October. Any special maintenance requirements or major maintenance shall be the responsibility of the competitors until the end of the Festival.

The Selection Board shall be formed each year by five members, preferentially from the following fields:
2 Specialists in Architecture Landscape, Gardening or Green Spaces, 1 Specialist in Earth Sciences, Forestry, Botany or Horticulture, 1 Specialist in Architecture or Design, and 1 Artist.

Competition Type

The gardens built with the sponsorship of the Festival Board or of sponsors recruited by the Festival Board shall be. Every garden will have financial aid or aid in the form of the supply of materials and plants up to a maximum of €10 000, if the applicants have not opted for an individual sponsor. At the end of the Festival, the property of the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, and may be placed in public spaces, donated to Schools, Local Authorities or Communities that serve the public interest, or sold to private individuals at the highest price offered in closed letters or by public auction. The gardens built entirely at the expense of the competitors or with sponsors that they have themselves recruited shall remain the property of the competitors, if they so wish.

Entry Fee

Drawings (an A1 poster and digital format) and the project description (no more than 6 A4 pages). Model, samples or other illustrative material is optional.

Announce the results of the competition: 15 Nov 2007
Submit the detailed final design: within no more than 30 calendar days, after the reception of the letter confirming the selection of the proposal
Under the construction: after 15 January - 45 days before the start of the Festival

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