FredericiaC - Prequalification for parallel competition

A large-scale urban development project in the Danish town of Fredericia now takes off with an international competition for interdisciplinary teams. The competition is a key step in the development of an entirely new, dynamic and sustainable district in the heart of the fortress town.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Two-Stage, Onymous
Genre Urban
Country Denmark, Fredericia
RegDeadline 14 June 2010 GoogleCal iCal
14 June 2010 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Interdisciplinary teams with a high level of expert competences

In the time ahead, the urban development partnership FredericiaC will be holding a parallel competition for the development of a new urban area in Fredericia, starting with the partnership’s area of about 20 hectares at Fredericia Harbour.

FredericiaC is a partnership between the Local Authority of Frederica and Realdania Urban Development.

The parallel competition is a form of competition where the competing teams, project stakeholders, the citizens of Fredericia, experts and FredericiaC qualify the competition brief through an ongoing dialogue. This means that requirements to the competing teams can be increasingly specified during the process, just as their insights into the area and framework conditions will continue increasing.

Already at present, the area is changing from an industrial area into a new urban area – buildings have been demolished, temporary facilities have been or are being established and town citizens are about to occupy the area with a host of activities ranging from walks to joint activities involving experiences and sports. This development will go on, and the competition will paint an increasingly clearer picture of how tomorrow’s town and urban life can thrive. Key principles are that the town district must be a district for everyone and that the process focuses on urban life and the spaces where urban life is to thrive.




In phase 1, each team will receive a fee of EUR 20,000 (exclusive of VAT) for its work, and EUR 80,000 (exclusive of VAT) in phase 2. Furthermore, an amount of up to EUR 100,000 (inclusive of VAT) will be available to the jury for rewarding concepts and/or individual elements.

Entry Fee

Prequalification questionnaire

Submission Address
Project Secretariat
Kastelsvej 5
DK-7000 Fredericia C

Prequalified teams announced: August 2010
Submission 1: November 2010
Submission 2: March 2011
Winner announced: April 2011


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