The Gateway to Milan


Architetti: Pierluigi Nicolin, Giuseppe Marinoni, Sonia Calzoni, Giuliana Di Gregorio
Artista: Alberto Garutti
Costruzioni: Andrea Ottaviani
Impresa esecutrice: Giuseppe Montagna Srl

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The company operating Milan airports is looking for ideas, creative and innovative proposals to give a brand new look to Malpensa Airport.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, Eol, Restricted, Two-Stage , Onymous
Genre Renovation
Country Milan, Italy
RegDeadline 21 September 2009 GoogleCal iCal
21 September 2009 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Architects and Designers


S.E.A., Società Esercizi Aeroportuali S.p.A., issues a call for tenders for the construction of a project, pursuant to Law no.717/49, as amended, to be executed at the Milan Malpensa airport, in the vicinity of the tunnel connecting the FNM - Malpensa Express railway station and Terminal 1.
The project area is strategic because of its role as link between the Airport and the Territory, and receives significant flows of users (from and to the trains, parking areas, car rentals, shuttle buses between Terminals 1 and 2 and, in the future, the hotel) on a daily basis.
The scope of the contract includes, in particular, the construction of a covered and landscaped space/pathway, of significant aesthetic quality and impact, such as may not only attract for its intrinsic value, but also be used as a venue for events, shows and related activities, and represent - thanks to its location - the “Gateway to Milan”.
The total budgeted cost of the project is 1,700,000 Euro.

Sandrina Bandera (Superintendent of the Province of Lombardy historical heritage)
Mario Bellini (Architect and Designer)
Gianpietro Borghini (S.E.A. Commisioner)
Gregorio Caccia Dominioni (Architect)
Arnaldo Pomodoro (Architect and contemporary Sculptor)

Winner: Design Contract (170,000 euro or 10% of the contract amount)
The artist selected to participate in phase 2: 15,000 euro

Entry Fee

Bidding application, References and CVs, Images (no more than 5) and Text documenting completed projects (must be bound in a single A4 or A3), A1 billboard illustrating the concept

Submission Address
Aeroporto Milano Linate
20090 Segrate (Mi)

Notification of finalist projects: End of September 2009
Award of supply contract: December 2009

Esercizi Aeroportuali - S.E.A.

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