Giardiningiro Torino 2009 - Temporary Gardens Competition

The creation of about 20 temporary installations in the San Salvario area will not only help to enhance the visibility of this area of the city but also raise awareness and promote an active debate as regards urban development and transformation.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage, Onymous
Genre Installation
Country Turin, Italy
RegDeadline 30 August 2009 GoogleCal iCal
30 August 2009 (via Online or Must be Received)
Eligibility All

The aim of the first edition of the Giardiningiro international competition is to reveal the full potential of Turin through the use of its public spaces and at the same time involve the general non-specialised public in an analysis of the contemporary status of the area’s architecture.
Each garden should carry a message and provide the visitor with a stimulating new experience through the layout of the installation and the interaction of artistry and creativity so that places that are normally ignored are reinterpreted and their special features and inherent vitality revealed.
The installations should therefore encourage visitors (both tourists and residents) to stroll around this area of the city and provide the inhabitants with a greater awareness of their environment and their place in it and with the notion that the city is something that belongs to everyone. It is also a way to launch the idea of what a city garden means and the role that it plays but without doubt the starting point should be that of bringing all sorts of different people together in an urban context.

Michela Pasquali (landscape architect, editor of the Oltre i giardini series of books)
Filippo Alossa (gardener and nurseryman, president of the Nuova Società Orticola del Piemonte, Torino)
Alessandra Chiti (architect and coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Architecture at IED, Torino)
Pablo Georgieff (architect and landscape architect, with the Coloco, Paris)
Monika Gora (landscape architect with GORA art&landscape ab, Malmö)
Andrea Heistinger (botanist, participated in Die besten Garten, Internationale Beispiele zu Gartenarchitektur exhibition, Austria)
Topher Delaney (landscape architect with Seam Studios, San Francisco)
Felix Goebel (landscape architect with Seam Studios, San Francisco)
Ippolita Nicotera (landscape architect with, Berlin)

Exhibition and Publication

Entry Fee

One or more documents containing a brief report summarising the idea and an artist's impression of the garden and a working drawing with cost estimates

Submission Address
Stilema, Via Cavour 19
10123 Torino

The work of the jury: within 15 days of the delivery date (30 August 2009)
Results announcement: within 7 days of the conclusion of the jury's deliberations (on
The winners will be asked to carry out their projects during the exhibition in Turin from 8th to 11th October 2009.

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