Global Design Competiton: REDESIGN THE CAFE IN SEATTLE

We encourage participants to form multidisciplinary teams to ensure feasibility of designs by taking into full account the areas of building design and construction, appliance engineering and restauranteering.

Category Idea Competition
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Cafe, Sustainability
Country Seattle, United States
RegDeadline 15 March 2011 GoogleCal iCal
15 March 2011 (via Online or Must be Received)
Eligibility All

The idea for this competition developed from conversations among renewable energy engineers, free energy theory enthusiasts, sustainable building architects, and, of course, restaurateurs. I chose the Globe Cafe as the center of the competition because of it's history as a home for committed progressive thinkers and artists. Those of us who were familiar with currently available, commonly used restaurant appliances saw possibilities for eliminating wasted energy by combining equipment function and recapturing waste energy.
Through this competition process, we hope to catalyze a market competitive esthetic by joining the sustainability and maximum ambient energy utility paradigms of the appropriate technology community and combined function advantages of the integrated design community with current best practices in industrially engineered appliances and tools. The technologies and methods wish list that follows at the bottom of this page is a reflection of our original ideas. We encourage inclusion of these ideas and look forward to seeing others that compete with them to achieve maximum efficiency.
Toward this goal, entrants are encouraged to re-envision the kitchen and dining space, not as a room of separated appliances fulfilling individual functions, but as a whole functioning system of cooperating elements in which potential ambient energies such as passive solar light and heat and seasonal cold are utilized and waste energy and materials are recycled in the most efficient manner.

Sean Cryan (Leed-Accredited Architect, Mithun)
Joe Fugere (Owner of Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzaria)
Kathy Chaffee Groff (Founder/Senior Consultant, Restaurant Solutions)
Lance Hosey (Nationally recognized architect, designer, author, blogger, speaker and advocate of social justice in architecture)
Bing Liu (Senior Research Engineer, Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Rob Pena (Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Washington)
David Pisegna (Executive Chef, Seattle Pacific University)
Gundula Proksch (Professor of Architecture, University of Washington)
Kendra Tupper (Senior Consultant, Built Environment Team, Rocky Mountain Institute)
Stephen Yamada-Heidner (Leed-Accredited Principal Architect, Olson Kundig)
Jerry Yudelson (Founder and lead consultant , Yudelson Associates)


Entry Fee

- A written synopsis (maximum 500 words) of the whole working system
- Technical drawings and materials lists demonstrating feasibility of all equipment systems
- An architectural drawing and materials list for the proposed kitchen and dining room interior
- An architectural drawing and materials list for the building exterior
- Restaurant operations description including appropriate product volume, output schedule, and staffing (maximum 300 words)
- Estimated financial budget for project completion
- A menu of food items
- Estimated carbon budget for the building renovation and construction, operations, and menu
- A Conceptual energy model for the whole restaurant space

Submission Address
Mary Gross
533 11th ave E. #4
Seattle, WA 98102 US

Winners announcement: June 15th, 2011

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