Golden Capital 2007 - Summer Pavilion Competition


The competition “Summer A&D Pavilion” gathered 102 projects from 32 countries and 59 cities of the world.

The Winner: Berenika Boberska from USA, Santa Monica

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Summer Pavilion of the regional Festival of architecture and design “The Golden Capital”, Novosibirsk, Siberia

Category Project Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Project Competition
Genre Pavilion, Temporary-Structure
Country Russia
RegDeadline 7 Oct 2007 GoogleCal iCal
7 Oct 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All

The Festival has to both gather the best regional architects and designers at one platform but also to outgrow the narrow framework of shop talk, creating the open space for communication of professionals and community.

For this reason the festival events are divided into summer and winter phases, each having some special features.

Winter (main) phase is maximally full framework for professional and interprofessional interaction: specialized competition shows, installations, forums, etc.

The summer phase is aimed at the development of contacts outside the profession with the community stakeholders, attracting maximal attention of the city dwellers to architecture and design and of architects and designers to the city and its dwellers. All the events of this phase will to some extent be directed to the urban problem-solving, finding ways to mutual creativity and activity, directed towards the improvement of life in the space of the modern city Summer Pavilion of Architecture and Design facilitates the achievement of these goals and is going to be the symbol of the new open festival.

The Pavilion’s realization will be using the winner’s project. The events of the summer phase of the Architecture and Design Festival will be held in this pavilion in Novosibirsk.

Center of Architectural Communication

Not yet announced

The winner of the competition receives the diploma, the monetary reward of 40 000 roubles and the opportunity to put into practice the Pavilion Project for the summer phase of the regional Festival of architecture and design .
Besides it, 12 best projects are rewarded by the competition diplomas and along with the project-winner enter into the structure of an exhibition of a winter phase of the Festival and into the catalogue of the competition.

Entry Fee

Two graphic files (using jpeg file format with the resolution of 1600х1200 pixels) and explanatory note (about 2000 signs)

Answers to questions: from July, 5th to August, 31st, 2007
Announcement of the winner, the launching of the Internet-gallery of projects: on November, 18th, 2007
Exhibition of the best projects, rewarding of the winner: from December,2 to December,7, 2007 (at the Regional Festival of Architecture and Design in Novosibirsk)

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