Gondwana Circle Design Competition


Michael Overby & Emma Fuller
New York, NY

Jeffrey Gordon Smith, Landscape Architecture
Los Osos, CA
Danielle Cegelski, Paul Morabito, Eric Silva, Bradley Sunnarbog

Ginseng Chicken Architecture P.C.
New York, NY
Jeeyong An, AIA, Sang Hwa Lee, Younjin Park

UZAWA Lab, University of Tsukuba
Takashi Uzawa, Tomonori, Artia, Yu Azuma, Tsuyako Gushi, Suguru Koike,
Aya Masudome, Mitsuzaki Ryuta, Tsumura Hideki, Toshiya Yoshida

Roberto Rovira, Jeff Burris, & Edgar Albandoz
Coral Gables, FL

HONORABLE MENTIONS (Numerical order)
René Davids, FAIA, & Eleanor Pries
Oakland, CA
Woranol Sattayavinij, Wilson Wang

Reuniting Gondwana, Judy Venonsky &Yadiel Rivera-Diaz
Pennington, NJ

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The primary objective of this Competition is to generate a design solution that effectively educates visitors of all ages about the historical significance of Gondwana in relationship to the evolution and current horticultural communities of the Southern Hemisphere. The design challenge for the new Gondwana Circle is to create a place that meets all competition objectives and functional requirements while providing a signature image for the Garden that is educational and inspirational for people of all ages.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Visitor-Center
Country San Francisco
RegDeadline 31 August 2009 GoogleCal iCal
11 September 2009 GoogleCal
Eligibility All landscape architects, architects, artists, urban designers, educators, students and others interested in gardens and public art issues.

- To provide visitors to the Garden with an understanding of:
# The concept of plate tectonics as related to Gondwana, and the corresponding concepts of plant migration, distribution and speciation.
# The role of geology, climate and other environmental factors, as presented in the nearby Ancient Plant Garden.
# The concept of convergent evolution, as evidenced by the other plant collections of the San Francisco Botanical Garden.
- To introduce and present context to the adjacent Southern Hemisphere horticultural collections.
- To provide a stopping point for the visitor inviting further exploration of the Botanical Garden.
- To provide a design solution that incorporates a landscape architectural concept, hardscape (e.g. pathways, seating areas, and walls), planting, educational and interpretive signage, and a focal feature (e.g. sculpture, water feature, etc.).
- To provide planting that supports the educational goals of Gondwana Circle and that is representational of a significant Southern Hemisphere horticultural collection.
- To provide a design solution whose scale is sensitive to the surrounding gardens in terms of height and massing.
- To provide a design solution that is compatible with the surrounding gardens and promotes sustainable, ecological horticultural practices.
- To provide a design that creates a high-quality visual landmark for the Botanical Garden.

Jennifer Bowles (Trustee, SF Botanical Garden Society)
Topher Delaney (Environmental Artist, Landscape Designer)
Jean DeMouthe (Geologist, Calif. Academy of Sciences)
Mary Margaret Jones (Landscape Architect, President, Hargreaves Associates)
Paul Licht (Director, UC Berkeley Botanical Garden)
Patricia J. D. Raven (Horticulturalist, Journalist, Photographer)
Peter Raven (President, Missouri Botanical Garden)
Sandra Robins (Educator, San Francisco Exploratorium)
Zahid Sardar (San Francisco Author, Landscape Design Critic)

$15,000 total + Design commission

Entry Fee
USD 100

one 24" x 36" sheet

Announce Winner: Late October

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Official Website