New Holmenkollen Ski Jump


1st Place: JDS Architects, Copenhagen (DK)


The design of the new Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo, Norway

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Project Competition
Genre Sports
Country Norway
RegDeadline 25 June 2007 GoogleCal iCal
25 June 2007
Eligibility Licensed Architects

The 2011 Nordic World Ski Championships have been awarded to Oslo Municipality together with Norway’s Ski Federation. In connection with this, considerable alterations shall be carried out to the national ski arena at Holmenkollen.

The works shall include the following:
- New Holmenkollbakke (K122)
- New standard ski jump (K95)
- Rebuilding of the cross country stadium and courses
- Development of the site to secure access for snow
- Development of infrastructure

Oslo Municipality

Gary Bates (architect) Member: Jan Digerud (architect)
Trygve Sundt (landscape architect)
Birgitte Riegels Høyland (Local Planning Authorities)
Roar Gaustad (The Norwegian Ski Association)
Bente Lill Romøren (The Norwegian Ski Association)
Steinar Eidaker (The Association for the Promotion of Skiing)

Competition Type
One-Stage based on anonymity

The jury for the architectural competition is authorised to select a winner of the architectural competition for the design of a new Holmenkollbakke, together with awarding other participants within a total framework of 2 million NOK prize money.

Entry Fee

All drawings, illustrations, description and text must be mounted on stiff card. A maximum of 6 boards in A1 (84 x 59.4 cm) size are permitted.

The deadline for questions is 18 May 2007.
The deadline for submission of competition entries is 25 June 2007 at 15.00 hours.
The posted entry must have a postmark with a date not later than the submission deadline date and arrive at the competition secretary not more than 5 days later.
Information about the date for the exhibition, competition’s conclusion, awards ceremony etc. will be posted on
The Competition result will be published in NAL’s journal ”Norske arkitektkonkurranser” (NAK).

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