A House for Akira Kurosawa

ICARCH Gallery invite you to design a house that could act as some kind of architectural homage to great director, Akira Kurosawa! Make it as inspired and inspiring as his movies!

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Housing
Country United States
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23 March 2010 (via Online)
Eligibility All

It is difficult to imagine a much better film director...! Born 100 years ago (on March 23rd), Akira Kurosawa enchanted us with incredible renditions of classical themes transposed into the genius loci of Japan, medieval or modern... Who would have expected that the best Dostoevskian film ever made was to be done in Japan...? And yet this is exactly what happened, under the directorship of Kurosawa, in the great film The Idiot. Who would have expected to have Shakespeare translated into film in the most brilliant form, again, in Japan...? Yet, this was the case with two films by Kurosawa, Ran and Throne of Blood.

As for his collaboration with the incredible Toshiro Mifune we can only use exalted terms! We were so impressed by this great actor that we even thought of launching (and perhaps we should) A House for Toshiro Mifune.

Kurosawa excelled in various "genres," but in what is called "historical films" we think he reigns supreme. The visual beauty of his films, the exquisite use of color, the dynamic interplay between actors, in either individual scenes or collective, make almost any movie by Kurosawa a very high standard against which any other film should try to measure itself!

As for Red Beard, again, with Toshiro Mifune, we think that it should be seen by any student of medical arts... and not only seen, but also learned and interpreted critically, since this film teaches beautifully that all human beings are vulnerable, and that very well, at one point or another, the patient could be the doctor and the doctor could be the patient... All schools of Medicine should test their students on the knowledge of this film, since it sets very high ethical standards for this demanding profession.

One of the very last films by Kurosawa, Dreams, is at times a pessimistic look into the future but also, potentially, an optimistic one, if we would only listen...! The Taoist invitation, at the end of the film, to live in simpler terms on this ravaged earth is worth reflecting on, by all of us...!

To summarize, we invite you to design a house that could act as some kind of architectural homage to this great director! Make it as inspired and inspiring as his movies!

Let's celebrate very great film with very great architecture, if possible!

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