HP Skyline 2020


National Winner
Anto Gloren, Sayali Athale, Pune

Zonal Winners : South
T. Robin Soloman, Shwetha Viswanath, Gayathri. M, Praveen Kumar, Chennai

Zonal Winners : North
Akshay Goyal, Amith Jangar, Gurgaon

Zonal Winners : East
S. Rakesh, Coimbatore Balakrishnan CIBI

Zonal Winners : West
Mugdha Mankikar, Apurva Darwhekar, Vinay Sonone, Pune

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We invite designs concepts for an iconic structure — building, tower and institution — that can change the perception of the urban skyline.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Architect and Final year Students , Single-Stage, Onymous
Genre Urban
Country United States
RegDeadline 15 July 2010 GoogleCal iCal
15 July 2010 (via Online)
Eligibility A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants in each team and at least 1 architectural student(4th & final year college and university level) and 1 practicing architect

Not just a meandering line etched in the sky. Not just a cutout or silhouette. Beyond restricting definitions, skylines can be seen as infusions of perception, imagination and desire. Every time a building mushrooms in a city, the skyline is altered. But transformation, not change, is the goal of invention. We invite designs concepts for an iconic structure — building, tower and institution — that can change the perception of the urban skyline.
Everything is possible.
We seek visions, not designs; a combination of architectural strategies with thought provoking concepts. The sky is literally the limit; there are no restrictions with regard to the choice of site, program or size. Participants are free to design their own brief and explore the themes potential. Armed with maximum liberty, participants must propose innovative ideas for this fascinating architectural genre. The scope of the design should not be limited to merely creation of an iconic image but rather to re-look at self-other, self-city, self-environment equations and discover the elusive state of equilibrium.
The driving ambition of the global city is to acquire an identity for itself. An identity imprinted on its inhabitants that builds a sense of community in their isolated urban domains. HP Skyline 2020 is meant to open us up to infinite latent possibilities, which can transform our city and alter the way future generations experience the city through the lens of its skyline.

Not yet announced

National Winner: HP Workstation + HP Large Format Designjet Printer
4 Zonal Winners: HP Large Format Designjet Printer each

Entry Fee

2 jpeg images (A1 size, 150dpi)

Regional Jury: 20th July 2010
National Jury: 25th July 2010
Award Ceremony: 12th August 2010

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