Hyperlocal - Rebuilding Mumbai within

The challenge here is to propose a new system ‘Hyper Local’ for the commuters, and express the vision of how the city might appear in 2030.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Transportation
Country Mumbai, India
RegDeadline 5 June 2018 (See "Entry Fee" below) GoogleCal iCal
15 June 2018 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

Mumbai stands as the wealthiest city of India, and is well-known for its diverse culture and is considered a melting pot of several cultures and communities. Traffic congestion remains a major apprehension despite of the progress in technological fields concerning public transportation. With a present population of over 21 million, the city generates more than 17 million trips in a day. Majority of Mumbaikars depend on local trains and buses as their means of egress.
The increasing death toll is an indicator of the over-the-limit utilisation of Mumbai local. A number of proposals are being made in order to minimize this problem of congestion like the mono-rail and metro networks. The challenge here is to propose a new system ‘Hyper Local’ for the commuters, and express the vision of how the city might appear in 2030. It is a new network that caters to existing and upcoming issues of Mumbai - and is not limited to commuting, but more.
Will your design drive more people to use the public modes of transportation? Or will it generate a balance between private and public modes? Important factors like the mode of transport, its capacity, frequency, halt points and how they reshape themselves need to be addressed in a precise yet explanatory manner. It might also include the impact on neighbouring facilities and how its interdependency with live, work and urban contexts turn out.
The underlying motive is to capture a conceptual picture of how the ‘hyperlocal’ responds to the issues mentioned above and overall Mumbai. The major focus needs to remain on articulation of these in a conceptual manner through text, illustrations, photographs or graphics.

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Winner: 2000$ (Common for students & professionals) + Trophy + Certificate Champion at UNconference’18
Runner-up: 1000$ (Separate for students & professionals) + Trophy + Certificate
People's Choice: 500$ (via online polling) + Trophy + Certificate
Category Mention: 300$ (Best in 3 categories : Network level, Site level, Detail level) + Trophy + Certificate + Bi-annual digest of Commun
Honorary Mention (10 entries): Medal + Certificate + Bi-annual digest of Commun
Publication(All trophies and medal holder): Elaborate section in Commun 2018 Design Book and on our partner's website
Web Presentation (50 shortlisted entries): + Certificate + Entries presented on our website

Entry Fee
Indian Nationals
Early Registrations (27th March ‘18 close): Professional 25$, Students 15$
Standard Registrations (1st May ‘18 close): Professional 35$, Students 25$
Late Registrations (5th June ‘18 close): Professional 60$, Students 40$
Foreign Nationals
Early Registrations: Professional 60$, Students 35$
Standard Registrations: Professional 85$, Students 60$
Late Registrations: Professional 150$, Students 100$

Result Declaration: 15th Aug ’18


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