6th IAHH International Student Design Competition 2008


Result announced:

First Prize: Housing for the Boatmakers –Mandvi (Kutch)
Anand Mata
CEPT, Ahmedabad, India.

Second Prize: Reconstruction of Dapeng Ancient Town
Ma Jia, Ding Yifei, Lu Chao
HIT, SGS University, China

Third Prize: Kumartuli Kolkata
Chen Yuxun ,Tan Ruixiang, Eugene Aw, Grace Chen, Heng Yinghui.
Department of Architecture, School of Design & Environment, Singapore.

Source: http://humanehabitat.org/results-announced...


Planning and designing a micro-cosmic sustainable humane habitat

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International Urban D./Archi. Idea Competition
Genre Housing, Sustainability
Country India
Registration Deadline 15 Jan 2008 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 22 Jan 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Students (individuals or a group of not more than 5 students)

The International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH) is a voluntary organization promoting the goals and objectives of evolving humane habitat, through sustainable development, appropriate technology, innovative design and multidisciplinary approach to restructure policies, programming, planning and design for conservation, redevelopment and development. IAHH has hosted five International Student Design Competitions since 2003 on various themes related to sustainable, affordable, appropriate humane habitats. On an average 50 entries are received from about 15 different countries.

It is the purpose of the sixth IAHH International Student Design Competition to investigate into this issue of rapid urbanization and resultant decay and degradation of human settlements in the urban core, periphery and hinterland in order to a more enlightened approach to planning, design and management of humane habitats.

The student competitors are required to identify such an area in a village / city / town / metropolis in their own country or in any other country anywhere in the world. The student participants shall survey and study the area in depth to understand the complexity of social, economic and demographic issues involved and plan and design for its sustainable area development.

Prof. Peter Rowe, Harvard University, USA.
Prof. Frank Lyons, Architect, University of Plymouth, U.K.
Prof. Rodney Harber, University of Natal, South Africa.
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Salama, Qatar University, Qatar.
Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya, CEPT, Ahmedabad, India.

First Prize: INRs. 50,000
Second Prize: INRs. 25,000
Third Prize: INRs. 15,000
Honorable Mentions: No cash prizes

Entry Fee
Early Registration US $ 25 to be received by November 30, 2007
Late Registration US $ 50 Up to January 15, 2008

6 A1 drawings ro 3 A0 drawings, brief report not more than 10 A4 sheets, etc.

Queries: December 30, 2007
Awards Declaration: January 27, 2008

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