Incheon International Design Awards 2009 - green design and daily life international design competition


3709 designers from 96 different countries participated.

1st prize
' thermodynamic cooler and murakami chair' design by : rochus jacob from usa

2nd prize
' the tree ring web ' design by : zhang jian + ma lian lian from china

' save water brick ' design by : jin-young yoon + jeongwoong kwon from korea

3rd prize
' green life style ' design by : chun sic park from korea

' local plate ' design by : david veldkamp from usa

' balloon ' design by : bart baccarne from belgium

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We invite green design imagination that embodies harmonious co-existence of humans and nature. A green design should imply aesthetic, ethical, social and economic effects.

Category Award / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Award, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Architecture, Furniture, Graphic, Interior, Lighting, Product, Urban
Country Incheon, Korea
RegDeadline 25 August 2009 GoogleCal iCal
25 August 2009 (via Online)
Eligibility All
Target Field Designs already made public in korea or elsewhere

Category 1: Green Design for Humans
- Products and household items made of organic materials or recycled materials: green designs to save energy and protect the environment
- IT devices, home appliances, automobiles or packaging: green designs combined with state-of-the-art technologies to suggest a new lifestyle
Category 2: City and Green Design
- Green design to improve city environment and its visual components
- Street furniture, architecture, interior design, light: green designs for future cities that apply environmentally-friendly concepts or alternative energy to urban environment
Category 3: Green Design and Communication
- Visual design of promotional materials or advertises for green design
- Other forms of green design: movie clips, character designs, animation films or illustrations

Julien de smedt / JDS (architect)
Karim rashid (industrial designer)
Tham videgard hansson (architects)
Birgit lohmann (editor-in-chief designboom)
A group of 4 korean design experts

1st Award (1): USD 5,000 and USD 3,000 (travel expense to exhibition)
2nd Award (2): USD 3,000 each and USD 3,000 each (travel expense to exhibition)
3rd Award (3): USD 2,000 each and USD 3,000 each (travel expense to exhibition)
Netizen's Choice Award (3): USD 1,000 each
People's Choice Award (3): USD 1,000 each
Honorable mentions

Entry Fee

No more than 3 images and Design abstract (500 words or shorter)

The winners announcement: September 14 2009 via our homepages

Incheon Metropolitan City and Incheon Business Agency.

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