Innovative Bioclimatic European School complex in Crete – Greece


1st Prize Winner [30,000€]
Theodora Kyriafini, Greece

2nd Prize Winner [20,000€]
Platon Issaias, Theodosis Issaias, Costandis Kizis, Alexandra Vougia, Greece

3rd Prize Winner [10,000€]
Taymoore Balbaa, Chris Wong, Canada
Honourable mention [5,000€]
Evangelos Ravanos, Greece

Honourable mention [5,000€]
Niculae Grama, Romania

Special non-monetary mentions
Athanasios Bampanelos, Greece
Giorgos Mitroulias, Greece
Klaus Roloff, Germany

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This competition aims to elect the optimum design for a bioclimatic and contemporary European school complex in Crete.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre School
Country Greece
RegDeadline 31 May 2012 GoogleCal iCal
31 October 2012 (Must be Postmarked) GoogleCal
Eligibility All licensed architects worldwide

Elissavet Aplakidou, architect, Greece - representing SBO (substitute: Dionysia Kopana, architect, Greece)
Ben Nakamura, architect, Japan - representing UIA (substitute: Jure Kotnik, architect, Slovenia)
Nikos Fintikakis, architect, Greece - representing the Technical Chamber of Greece (substitute: Damianos Abakoumkin, architect, Greece)
Professor Eleni Mantziou, architect, Greece - representing the National Technical University of Athens (substitute: Professor Eleni Alexandrou, architect, Greece)
Olga Pappa, architect, Greece - representing the Greek Association of Architects (substitute: Vasileia Metallinou, architect, Greece)
Alastair Blyth, architect, UK - representing OECD/CELE (substitute: Richard Yelland)
Angela Brady, architect, UK - President of RIBA (substitute: Owen O'Carroll, architect, UK)
Professor Peter Droege, architect, Australia (substitute: TBD)
Professor Francoise-Helene Jourda, architect, France (substitute: TBD)

1st prize: €30.000 and the right to design the school
2nd prize: €20.000
3rd prize: €10.000
Two honorable mentions: €5.000 each

Entry Fee

Announcement of results: 21 December 2012

School Buildings Organisation of Greece

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