The Instant House competition 2012


1° premio
Andrea Di Marino della Facoltà di Architettura Luigi Vanvitelli di Aversa (Italia)

2° premio
Julia Jordan e Margitta Wagner della University of applied sciences Wurzburg-Schweinfurt (Germania)

3° premio
Linfan Liu (The State University of New York at Buffalo) e Gregory Serweta (Cornell University)

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The competition aims to experiment on a residential structure equipped with services related to the mobility of the researchers and visitors professors at the Politecnico di Milano.

Category Competition Result / Open to Students / Project Competition
Type International, Project, Age Restriction , Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Housing
Country Milan, Italy
Registration Deadline 4 June 2012 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 2 June 2012 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
Eligibility All young people who are enrolled in a faculty of architecture, engineering, or industrial design (two year masters’ programme) or who have earned their university degree any time after 31 January 2007

The objective of the competition is to promote experimentation on housing strategies that meet the new residential needs of users who may be highly mobile. Specifically, the inherent characteristics of city users pose significant problems to which traditional living spaces are often unable to provide satisfying results in terms of cost or in terms spatial organization. In Milan, thousands of people use the city occasionally or infrequently (ranging from a few days to a few months at a time), but for reasons that enrich the culture and urban vitality to the city. This is a resource that should be reinforced; it is appropriate to capture its value as a driving force, essential for its economic and social value. The responses to this new type of housing need are still weak, significantly lacking in quality and quantity. What is missing is an efficient and extensive network across the territory; existing locations offer obsolete choices in their methods of use and are inadequate to the new forms of spatial organization.
Social housing construction has failed to adequately meet these needs because it is still closely related to the outdated image of stable nuclear families who live permanently in the same home for their entire lives.

The Jury shall be comprised of:
- one representative of the Region of Lombardy
- two representatives of the Politecnico di Milano
- three representatives of Federlegno Arredo S.r.l./MADEexpo
- one representative of the Triennale di Milano
- one representative of the EXPO 2015

First prize for the winning design: € 1,500 and creation a housing model on a real 1:1 scale
Second prize: € 1,000
Third prize: € 750
The judging panel reserves the right to award further honourable mentions for deserving projects.

Entry Fee

- A5 format bound book, less than 1 cm thick
- Illustrative materials collected in four A3 horizontal plates
- A CD including the original panel in the PDF format and light JPG format

Italian and English

Submission Address
FederlegnoArredo Srl, Foro Buonaparte 65,
20121 Milan
marked with the identifier “Concorso INSTANTHOUSE”.

Results of the Jury deliberations: 16 July 2012
Notification of the results: 23 July 2012
Award ceremony and display of the winning designs: 17-20 October 2012

Federlegno Arredo S.r.l. for MADE Expo, in association with the Politecnico di Milano

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