Jump the Gap: 3rd International Roca Design Contest


Breathing bathtub / Li Xi / China

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This is a creative contest proposal that brings new and innovative concepts to the bathroom, understanding innovation as the anticipation of users’ new desires and needs, as well as (why not?) the transformation of dreams and desires into reality.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Onymous
Genre Interior, Product
Country Barcelona, Spain
RegDeadline 31 December 2008 GoogleCal iCal
13 March 2009 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility Product or interior designers and architects, product or interior design and architecture students (all participants must be born from 1 January 1974 on.)

With the third International Design Contest, Roca is proud to provide a platform for talented young designers, architects and interior designers. "Jump the gap" offers the opportunity to create and design innovative solutions for the bathroom and it's associated products.
We are looking for designs that can bring forth their vision of conceptually innovative bathroom products and solutions: new products, new spaces and/or new uses and functions.

Josep Congost (Design manager of the Roca Innovation Lab, Spain)
Carlos Ferrater (Architect, Spain)
Alfredo Häberli (Designer, Switzerland)
Chantal Hamaide (Director of Intramuros magazine, France)
Carlos Lamela (Architect, Spain)
Alberto Meda (Designer, Italy)
John Pawson (Architect, United Kingdom)
Héctor Serrano (Designer, United Kingdom )

A single winning project: €5,000
A selection of up to 9 more projects: a Diploma
The winning project and the selected ones will be presented during 100% Design London in 2009 (United Kingdom).
The author/s of the winning project will be invited to attend the event, and Roca will cover expenses.

Entry Fee

A maximum of 4 Files in JPG format and a Description of the project in English (with a maximum of 3,000 characters)
A video/animation showcasing the design (optional) in FLV format

Award ceremony: September 2009 (100% Design London)

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